Coldplay Live in Singapore 2017!

It was not long after that spectacular performance at the Grammy’s, the band released Something Just Like This, a track which they collaborated with The Chainsmokers, British band, Coldplay landed on our sunny shores. The long awaited A Head Full of Dreams Tour was kickstarted in Asia, and their first stop, Singapore. The 2 hours show performed on two nights, drew fans from around the world. Fans came from various walks of life. There were expats, foreigners, millennials, adults and those who at young at heart! The concert was proudly organised by Live Nation Lushington. I was impressed that a world renowned band, had an admirable level of discipline. They were able to start the show at exactly 8pm as scheduled, and also promptly ended the beautiful spectacular at 10pm.

Credits: Singapore Sports Hub

Concert goers at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang were mesmerized by the amazing spectrum of colours on that brightly lit stage. The thematic yet carnival-ish set design wowed the crowd.

It was a nostalgic remembrance for most who attended the Vida La Vida in 2009. Frontman, Chris Martin with his signature costumes paraded as their notable songs were sung such as Yellow, The Scientist, Vida La Vida and new tracks from the latest album, A Head Full of Dreams.

Credits: Singapore Sports Hub

From the moment the random opera song blared thru the sound system to signify the beginning of the show, all the way up till the closing song, Up & Up, the Singapore crowd was so hyped up and you can feel the energy coursing thru the whole stadium. Adding to the whole atmosphere, was the lighted bracelet, Xylobands, that were given out for all concert-goers to don on. When it first lit up it was hot-red and the whole stadium echoed with our shouts and whoops building up the excitement as we know Coldplay was about to appear before our very own eyes after an almost decade-long wait.

It was absolutely magical when the Xylobands lit up matching the rhythm of their music. For me personally it was a mnemonic moment symbolising unity thru music.

My personal all time favourite song is Fix You which has an emotionally driven lyrics. it never fails to make me sway when it is played on the radio or most commonly on Spotify. The stylistic colours of the costumes and that infamous piano somehow differentiates this award winning band in the entertainment world.

I felt as if I was watching a colourful parade with the continuous fireworks in the background! Festival ticket holders had an amazing time participating in the party, bouncing away colourful balloons by the stage. Singing along intimately as Martin himself took “naps” on stage in between the setlist. It was a pity Beyoncé was not available to sing live for Hymn for the Weekend instead of her recorded vocals. We shall have to keep our fingers cross for that to come true!

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