Justin Levinson brings back feels from the 60s with His New Album, Yes Man

If you love to listen to music from the past and are into The Beatles and The Beach Boys, you might like this new act that I just discovered.

Graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Levinson has toured with acts such as One Tree Hill’s star Tyler Hilton, Aaron Carter and Teddy Geiger to name a few. To date, the 31 year old singer-songwriter has already four albums and an EP to his name.

Recently, he just released his fourth full length album – Yes Man. Comprising of 10 songs, Levinson wants to share with music lovers the music he grew up with – 60’s pop music. Personally, I found it refreshing to listen to this album and it’s not only because of its genre. Trust me, you will just want to play the music over and over again while sipping on tea. My favourites in this album are Together Forever and Megaphone. Together Forever just reminds me of Friends’ theme song.

Stay updated to Levinson by following him on his website and social medias; Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter,

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