Teddy Edwards Wants You to Remember His Name with his Debut Single

New York based singer-songwriter – Teddy Edwards grew up with music. At just the age of four, he attended piano lessons, guitar at eight and songwriting at nine. Edwards’ first album was The Beatles #1 Album which includes all of their hits. What a great introduction to the music world. Since then, music has been a part of his life and he loves how music gives people a platform to express themselves and one is able to connect to music from their own personal experiences.

Last November, Edwards released a new single, My Name. The single was written in 2014 with his friend in Nashville. In 2015, Edwards had the opportunity to work with mentors such as Phredley Brown – music director for Bruno Mars and Selena Gomez, and George Pajon Jr – guitarist for the band, Black Eyed Peas. Describing the single as pop music, Edwards revealed that his debut album will be a mix of Pop and R&B.

The 17 year-old hopes that the EP will be released before fall. According to Edwards, the EP is a lot more reflective of who he is now as an artist. Hence, you will hear a more mature sound of Edwards since My Name, was recorded a few years ago.

So what sets Edwards apart from other singer-songwriters?

“A lot of times I feel like people filter or moderate what they wanna say or what they know to please others or because they are afraid of how they might look.  I think honesty and vulnerability are what makes good music.  People don’t wanna hear what they’ve heard before or what’s trending, they wanna hear about what is true to that artist,” shared Edwards who feels that his songwriting skills sets him apart from others. Nowadays, songwriting lacks meaning and it is usually repeated words if we examine a song carefully. Judging from his single and his aspiration, I hope the EP will be a personal touch from Edwards to music lovers out there.

Stay updated to Edwards via his social medias; FacebookInstagram and Twitter where you will get first hard news on his upcoming EPs!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Teddy Edwards for the interview and Candace for coordinating the interview. 

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