Gareth shows support at Music For A Cause 2017!

The second edition of the Music for A Cause 2017 proudly presented by FRANK by OCBC is back this year at the Singapore Management University. The aim of the two-day festival was to raise awareness and garner funds for eight featured social services and associations, namely the Canossaville Children And Community Services, Over The Rainbow, OSCAS, The Food Bank Singapore, Riding for the Disabled Association or RDA, Beyond Social Services, Blessings in A Bag and Action for Singapore Dogs.

Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Tan Chuan Jin, commemorated the event with an opening speech and gave out tokens of appreciation to the supporting partners of the event. Various local performers such as Dru Chen, Gareth Fernandez & The Momma Shop, Jack and Rai, Linying, MICapella, Natalie Ong and Band, Scarlet Avenue, Take Two and The Summer State took the stage over the weekend.

Credits: Love Action Project

The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to chat with local singer-songwriter, Gareth Fernandez. The 27 year old is no stranger to the local music scene. Together with his band, The Momma Shop established in 2013, he began doing covers and collaborations with local YouTubers. Fernandez’s latest single Bit of Your Love, which he released in 2016 has gathered 14 thousand views since then.

One to express himself through his deep lyrics, Fernandez shared about his life growing up from humble beginnings. He hopes to write more originals in the future as he matures. He enjoys travelling, a pastime he hopes he can venture more in the future when he decides to be a full-time musician in Singapore. Bit of Your Love is an honest reflection of himself being in love perhaps.

He has shared his musical journey since 2012 when he was motivated to perform at Wala – Wala Cafe with the encouragement of his peers during his University days. Jon from The Sam Willows was his Junior College schoolmate, and pushed him to sing live for the first time. He began liking classic rock songs such as Iron Maiden and eventually delved into soulful melodies. He decided to stay with Pop so as to “keep up with the times.” He further commented that he would do anything to meet Bruno Mars.

A brand new EP is in the works and Gareth is planning to launch it in late 2017. A 4-track EP is still in the creative development and experimental phase. He is open with the elements and possible collaborations with local and foreign artistes, and is collaborating with MMXJ. They performed together last year at ZoukOut 2016. Check out Young Hearts on bandcamp.

Juggling between a white collar job in the day and being a musician, he makes time for his love of writing his own music to stay relevant in the Arts. Gareth is an avid supporter of local music like any other and he encourages young listeners to do same. The perception of one’s interest has changed as technology develops and the rise of self-expressive platforms on social media. He is looking for alternative means to release his new EP as compared to the old-fashioned way with CDs.

Coming from a mixed-race heritage, we asked him to choose a particular ingredient found in a Lunar New Year dish which best represents his personality. He jokingly replied, “beef”, saying that it has the lowest calories compared to Lohei. He exercises regularly and eats right to keep himself healthy. He supports mental health causes deeply due to the history of dementia in his family. The importance of living life to the fullest as he spreads his wisdom and thoughts through his music.

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