Rain’s New Album is Set to Release on January 15

It has been a long time since we see the Korean Top Superstar Rain Bi in the music scene ever since his last comeback album. He has toured 18 cities for his concert Squall and brought the concert to Singapore!

This is not his first time in Singapore hence he missed the food in Singapore. Other than food, he was glad to be able to meet his fans here in Singapore ever since his last visit.

Before he gears up for his comeback in the music scene, Rain has been active in the acting industry and has plans for a new movie which will be releasing probably next year. Rain previously worked alongside Korean pop idol, f(x) Victoria/Song Qian in a Mandarin drama. He revealed that she is a very lovely and cute person on top of being a great actress. The drama is set to air next year too. Rain also mentioned that it would be nice to have a project here in Singapore regardless of what type of genre it will be. Looks like we will be seeing more of him on our television and cinemas soon.

Rain has established his own entertainment company and has been grooming new talents to the Kpop scene, Rain revealed that one of his biggest plan and project next year will be debuting a new boy group that he had trained and hope that everyone will anticipate towards their performance, without any hiccups the group will be debuting next year or latest by 2018.

Not forgetting his love for singing, he will also releasing his new album at 12AM on January 15.  Rain urged fans to stay tuned to his official Youtube Channel for more upcoming news about his new album. Rain then revealed that there will be a collaboration with Psy on his new album. Rain shared that he had fun working with Psy and hope everyone will like the RnB song that they worked together on. Psy also participated in the production of his upcoming album. Let’s countdown to January 15 for the new album!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Faith & D Entertainment for the invitation to the press conference. 

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