Film Review: C’est Si Bon

Close to a decade, the Korean Film Festival in Singapore has been in action thanks to the collaboration between the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korea Foundation. The opening night was presented by Ambassador Lee Sang-deok with member of parliament, Ms Chia Yong Yong at the National Museum of Singapore on October 19. The film selections for this year’s edition was chosen to satisfy the theme, When Music Speaks. The films selected are of fiction as well as an autobiographical K-pop drama production, a treat for BIGBANG fans out there.


Credits: Korean Film Festival 2016 Facebook Page

The Fifth Parlour was invited to watch the opening film for the festival, C’est Si Bon. The drama-musical portrayed in Myeongdong, Seoul in the 70s is taken from a factual cafe which host various legendary Korean singers of that century.

The film revolves around the trio formed between three performers, Geun-tae a country boy who meets musical geniuses Hyung-joo and Chang-sik. The musicians formed the C’est Si Bon which later became a duo Twin Folio after Geun-tae left for army. The composition for their ballads was inspired by an actress, Ja-young. She later became a close companion to Geun-tae but the relationship soured when she accepted a marriage proposal from a highly respected director. 20 years later, Geun-tae and Ja-young meet again.

I would give this movie 3 out of 5 stars for its inspirational quotes on friendship, hard work and determination. The film is unique to a certain extant because of its comedic song writing journey between the three members. The trio clicked instantly even though they came from different family backgrounds. The nostalgic feel throughout the film will intrigue your senses for your love for acoustic music. The Twin Folio’s rendition of Wedding Cake by Connie Francis in Korean has been in mind ever since. It is definitely an inspirational film for musicians who are not afraid to go beyond their comfort zones.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Korean Film Festival team for the invitation. 

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