Double Red Carpet with Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe was in London on 23rd Sept for two of his movie premieres with Empire.

Instead of the usual single-movie event, he graced the event to promote two of his recently released movies, Imperium and Swiss Army Man. While fans were unable to catch Swiss Army Man in Singapore, Imperium is set to release on September 29 in theatres.

In the movie, Radcliffe plays Nate Foster, an undercover who infiltrates into a white supremacy terrorist group to disrupt their upcoming attack. The story was written based on a true story of FBI agent Michael German and neo-Nazi white-power groups. Also starring Toni Collette and Tracy Letts in the film, it was widely praised for its timely release to address relevant themes one can observe in today’s world.

At the red carpet event held at The O2, London, many fans stood out in the cold just to get his autographs and photos with him. Needless to doubt, fans were holding onto Harry Potter books, autograph books, posters and some, even just a card.

After the red carpet, invited guests and ticket holders were in for a treat for the showing of both movies consecutively.

Be sure to catch Imperium from September 29 in theatres!

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