What does a girl’s name have to do with the band Maefire?

Coming from Melbourne, Australia, Maefire has garnered attention from the music world with their ambitious sound and infectious hook. The Fifth Parlour managed to snag an interview to learn more about the upcoming band during the Music Matters’ week!

Singer David Scammell and guitarist Cam Eaton used to play in a band together, and bassist Geoff Taylor and guitarist Dave Tran were actually from a different band. Both bands toured together a couple of times and that was when the magic happened. They became good friends and when both bands dissolved, the four decided that it was a perfect fit for a new band – Maefire.

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Maefire is an inspiration of the sound they make as a band. The band explains the name to be coming from a crooning kind of soul fueled drum, bass verses and choruses like burning the city down. Hence they felt like it was an extension of that idea by combining a girl’s name and using fire as a suffix.

The band’s first single, ALYSHA introduced the world to Maefire. The single was an important step in the band’s life as it served as a starting point for the band’s writing process. While their other songs have evolved beyond the raw rock and roll sound, they also believe that their songs carry a cornerstone for the band. Coming from a country and city that give rise to many big bands, the band believes in finding their own sound rather than having an influence in their music. For a band of their size, it is critical for them to be open and observant and with the world where idea of genre in music is all but extinct. Thus, they believes in experimenting as the band progresses further.

The band new single Crawling is out today on their Facebook Page. It is a strong reflection of where they are headed musically and they could not be more proud of the new single that if they were to recommend a song to introduce to new fans, it would be Crawling! The band is also planning to release their EP, Crystal Eyes, by the end of October with an East Coast Australian tour and Asian tour before the end of the year if time permits.

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The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Geoff Taylor for the interview as well as Adrian for coordinating the interview.