DΞΔN greets fans at [130 Mood: TRBL] autograph Session

South Korean R&B artist and multi-platinum songwriter DEAN was in town to promote his latest EP [130: Mood:TRBL] and stopped by Square 2 in Novena to greet his fans at an autograph session.

Despite it being the exam season, many Rebels (as the fan base is known) had started queueing hours before the official queue even started. Not to mention, the EP was also sold out across all music outlets. Talk about dedication!

During the hour-long session, DEAN surprised and treated the fans to four songs from his EP. He made sure to take a few moments to interact with the fans, even hopping off stage so he could be in closer contact with them. At one point in his performance, he even splashed his bottle of water out into the crowd, eliciting echoes of screams across the mall from his adoring Rebels.

The short set was then folowed by the main event – the autograph session. Fans got to have their EPs signed and interact personally with DEAN, many of whom also received high fives and greetings from their idol.

Head over to our Facebook Page to view more pictures of the autograph session.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Universal Music Singapore Regional for the invitation. 

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