Stefanie Sun Releases New Single, Rainbow Bot

Local pop princess, Stefanie Sun, has recently teamed up with Apple Music to release a new single and EP, Rainbow Bot, which is available exclusively on Apple Music. According to Sun, the EP which consists of five songs goes along themes related to innocence, dreams and bravery. Sun also mentioned that she hopes that everyone who has listened to her new EP can return to the state of innocence through her music.

Credits: Universal Music Singapore

“When I was young, my father often brought us to the Botanical Gardens to have fun. Hence, it’s a place filled with many childhood memories,” shared Sun. Not a surprise when she chose Botanical Garden as the location for her music video. In the EP, Sun also sang her rendition of Guns N’ Roses hit song, Sweet Child O’ Mine where she meets her friends in the recording studio and the entire studio was filled with laughter.

After listening to the EP, I personally like her rendition of Sweet Child O’ Mine because it sounds very fresh! Using instruments like trumpets and the ukulele makes the old classic sound very refreshing. Overall, the tunes in the EP has the bubbly feel and it is definitely something that I would recommend everyone to take a listen to!

Be sure to check out Sun’s new EP on Apple Music!

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