Meet Canadian Singer-Songwriter, Laura Roy

Voted Best R&B Artiste by Coast Magazine, singer-songwriter Laura Roy has just released her self-titled debut EP containing six songs which is infused with synth-pop, 90’s r&b vibes with soulful melodies and catchy hooks.

Credits: Project Light Agency

According to Roy she has been working on the EP for a year and a half. “I have tried to make sure the music represents my experiences in a way that feels true to who I am as an artist right now,” shared Roy. Written and recorded in Toronto and New York City with producers Adam King, Joel Stouffer (Dragonette) and Ari Leff (Epique), the EP is indeed filled with songs that gives you the 90s vibes.

Personally, I enjoy listening to the songs in the EP and it has been on repeat. I am a 90s baby and am of course a fan of 90s music hence, I am able to enjoy the EP.  Listening to her reminds me of M2M but with r&b vibes. What do you think?

Check out her single, Plastic, which is from her debut EP.

Support Roy by downloading her EP on iTunes!

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