Going out with a bang – Flumpool’s “What About Eggs?”Press Conference

On July 22, Japanese pop-rock band, Flumpool, greeted both fans and media at an open press conference for 2016 What About Eggs? Singapore Special concert. The quartet last visited Singapore two years ago, when they celebrated their fifth anniversary through the MOMENT tour.

In June, the four-piece band kickstarted their What About Eggs tour at Japan. Vocalist, Yamamura Ryuta, recalled a funny accident that happened recently. According to Ryuta, the band gained a lot of weight during their Japan tour and hence, decided to jog to lose weight. He shared that there was once when a fan came up to him asking for a signature while he was jogging. He told her, “I’m jogging.” She, however, kept running after him, making the situation looked as if he was a robber running away from her.

Flumpool has an impressive discography and has done plenty of songs for drama,anime and commercials. For listeners who are new to J-Pop, Flumpool would recommend listening to their latest song, Yoru wa Nemureru Kai, a track of their new album EGG. It is also the theme song of the anime, AJIN – a horror/supernatural-themed anime. The band also recommended Believer’s High – the theme song for the anime Captain Earth.

Also known for their collaborations with artistes such as Mayday, their fans are always curious who else would they like to collaborate with next. Ryuta replied coolly, “I’ve been listening to them recently, The Sam Willows!”

When asked on their plans after their show in Singapore, guitarist, Sakai Kazuki, cheekily replied, “Casino!”. It seems that the band might be visiting Geylang Serai or Gardens By The Bay – as recommended by their fans.

Before they ended the press conference, flumpool sang an awesome acoustic live version of Yoru wa Nemureru Kai for their fans who came to support them. flumpool also left the local fans a message, “We hope that even though it might be very far, as well as expensive, that more Singaporeans will be able to come to Japan to watch us one day.

The Egg album is the first album that they released after 3 1/2 years and the concert in Singapore will be the last concert of the entire tour. That makes this tour an interesting one for Flumpool wishing it to be the same for every fans too.

Thank you Amuse Entertainment Singapore for giving The Fifth Parlour the opportunity to cover Flumpool WHAT ABOUT Eggs? Singapore Special Open Press Conference!

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