An Electrifying Mix of Sensational Music & Excitement with flumpool

Loud cheers erupted from the crowd as the members of flumpool entered the stage last Saturday at MILLIAN, a live house that allows fans to see their favourite members in an intimate setting.

Credits: Amuse Entertainment Singapore

The four-man band, consisting of lead singer Ryuta Yamamura, guitarist Kazuki Sakai, bassist Genki Amakawa and drummer Seiji Ogura, were back in Singapore for their second solo live with Simon Isogai on the keyboard. After an absence of two years since their last solo live in 2014, the band has brought their Japanese tour WHAT ABOUT EGGS to Taiwan early this month and also to Singapore as a special treat for their overseas fans.

Starting with Kaihouku, the first track of their forth studio album Egg, fans were treated to a solid two hours of sensational music as the band rocked out songs from not only their album, Egg but also songs like OAOA – a Mandarin song in collaboration with popular Taiwanese band, Mayday.

Credits: Amuse Entertainment Singapore

Lead singer Ryuta then wowed fans by speaking fluent English throughout the entire show and even peppering his talks with a little Mandarin, asking the crowd to 一起唱 (sing along in Mandarin). Guitarist Kazuki too had the fans up and singing “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh”, a part of Singapore NDP 2015 theme song Our Singapore during a short break.

In return, Singapore fans showed their love and appreciation for the members by gifting them a fan-made banner filled with fan messages and well wishes as well as singing the chorus of Kimi ni Todoke while calling upon the first encore of the night.

Credits: Amuse Entertainment Singapore

One song for the encore is definitely not enough as fans were thrilled when their request for not only two but three encores were fulfilled. Songs Hoshi Ni Negai Wo as well as one of Flumpool’s most memorable songs Hydrangea, with Kazuki, Genki and Ryuta performing a three-man vocal, were the last two treats for the night before the live wrapped up. The band sang a total of 20 songs during the concert. Definitely worth the two years wait for flumpool fans.

Egg was considered the greatest album so far by flumpool and we hope that they will come back to Singapore soon with yet another great song. Till then, fans have only one word for the recent concert: Eggcellent!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Amuse Entertainment Singapore for inviting us to cover the concert.

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