Introducing the Heroes of The Painters

The Painters: HERO will be coming to Singapore in two weeks for a performance at the Resorts World Theatre. Let’s get to know the Chaplin team better.

Credits: Pentatonic Inc.

Comprising of Kwon Woo Ram, Hong Bo Ram, So Kwang Min and Kang Shin Koo, none of them are art majors. Hence, they have to undergo intensive training sessions for at least six months before performing on stage. Having to juggle acting, painting and dancing, it is not an easy ordeal for them. Some may even take up to a year. To strive for the best, the casts constantly practice during their free time.

Credits: Pentatonic Inc.

So which is more difficult for the casts, painting or acting?

According to them, painting is harder since they started out as actors where they also learned dancing. However, painting was a new thing for them. But things have changed. Now, they have received numerous request to sell their paintings created during the show but they had to decline because they want people to enjoy the experience of creating art together rather than admiring the artwork itself not knowing what went into producing it. Getting offers to buy their painting must be a proud moment for the team since they know nothing about painting when started out. Singaporeans are you ready to witness their skills this coming June?

Credits: Pentatonic Inc.

The Chaplin team is ready for you and are excited to create a memorable experience together. Audience can look forward to witnessing creative and unconventional painting techniques used in The Painters: HERO, bringing all-time favourite icons to live on stage. Get ready to be blown away by the live art performance and incredible visual effects filled with a witty blend of mime. Just so you know, the show uses 1,900 gallons of paint, 21,600 charcoal (stump) and 12 tons of paper for the show annually. Get your tickets now from SISTIC.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank the Chaplin team for the interview and Tessa for coordinating the interview.

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