When Asian YouTubers tries to be a Kpop Band

Guys, are you sick and tired looking at your girlfriends ogling at Kpop bands and ignoring your presence? These girls can spend hours watching videos after videos. That was what these Asian YouTubers felt. Catch Ryan Higa, David Choi, Philip Wang, Justin Chon and Jun Sung Ahn as a kpop band – BgA (Boys Generally Asian). 

Did you find yourself laughing at the lyrics? 

Even though, the lyrics does not makes any sense but musically, it sounds good. I do not mind replaying the songs since it is in a foreign language hence, automatically, I will not know the meaning. I guess I am not alone in this since the single I Have to Take a S**t has climbed the Korean charts on iTunes at #8 when it was just debuted today. 

Great job BgA! More catchy songs please! 

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