Rocking out on a beautiful night at 2015 Super Seoul Concert in Gocheok Skydome

2015 Super Seoul Concert (Credits: Korea Tourism Organisation)

Gocheok Skydome was packed with screaming fans and glowing lightsticks on the evening of December 12 for the 2015 Super Seoul concert. This year concert has an amazing lineup with rising rookies groups like 2eyes, Romeo, Wassup and more and finale performances by popular boy groups including the fun boys from BTS, fiery Block B and the charismatic Beast.

Solo artist Roh Ji Hoon, who is a former contestant of MBC’s Birth of a Great Star

Starting the performance was 2eyes who debutted in 2013 and recently released a catchy song Pippi, followed by solo artist Roh Ji Hoon, Wassup with their debut single Wassup, boy group Romeo with an average age of 18-19 years old and Melody Day who has been gaining attention and popularity with their participation in drama OSTs.

As soon as the host announces the upcoming performance by BTS, the whole audience showed great enthusiasm with loud screams and waving lightsticks to welcome the boy group up on stage with great hits like Fun Boys, I Need You and Run. The boys almost tore down the roof with their amazing raps and powerful moves.

The heat in the stadium continued with dominance by Block B rocking with NanrinA and their latest hit single Her.

It was definitely an impressive experience to watch the fans chanting the boys’ names accordingly and shaking their lightsticks in the air to the beat of the music. As the camera panned to focus on Zico signing “L” for Love to their fans, the crowd responded with deafening screams!

Finally, the finale performance was left for the charismatic Beast with a mixed song lineup consisting of Good Luck and YeY.

The group never failed their audience with their amazing live vocals and raps despite the cold weather. As the final performer on stage, they also brought all the audience together to another peak with some of their classic hits like 12:30.

And with their last song, they had everyone in the stadium on their feet, some even on their chairs, singing along to Beautiful Night. The concert ended on a high note as fans swarmed out of the stadium, hoping to catch last looks of their idols leaving the venue.

Despite the cold evening in Seoul, 2015 Super Seoul Concert was a success with the amazing lineup of performers who gave their best on stage. It was definitely an unforgettable night spent during a short visit to Seoul.

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