Girls’ Generation Tiffany & Korea’s Baby Superstar Yebin stole the limelight at Influence Asia 2015 

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall was filled with big names from the social media industry from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand on Monday.

Shigga Shay opened the show with a bang with his Grizzle Grind Crew. Hosted by  Sheikh Haikel and YouTube personality Peter Chao, the attendees were entertained by their cute and funny personality. The hall was never quiet thanks to their funny antics. Such a great pairing!

The 3.5 hours show was filled with performances from Indonesian sweetheart Raisa, local talent Gareth Fernandez who sang with his band, The Momma Shop, Dandee from Bangkok and Malaysia represents SonaOne and Joe Flizzow.

Other than influencers and performers, the event also saw some popular Korean celebrities who were invited to present the awards. The adorable Yebin melted everyone with her personality when she presented the Top Parenting Influencer Award. Even Peter and Sheikh could not resist her. Who can? All eyes were glued on her, every single step she took, the audience got excited. She really got everyone’s attention everywhere she goes. She carries herself really well, evident when posing at the red carpet.

Things got even cuter when she presented an award to Shaine from Malaysia. Shaine brought her son, Jacob on stage. Both Jacob and Yebin were really shy on stage.

Hot favourites New Year Kitiwhut and Both from Thailand received the loudest cheers at the red carpet. It is no wonder that New Year won the Breakout Influencer Award (Thailand).

Even though Jay Park was only there to present an award, his fans were present to cheer him on. “I love you!” was being shouted a few times and of course, Jay replied with “I love you too!” A lot of attendees were hoping for him to show us some moves but unfortunately, he only performed during the after party.

Tiffany Hwang from Girls’ Generation and David Lee, CEO of YDM were the last presenters to present the Influencer of the Year awards. Every single winner wanted a piece of Tiffany from getting a hug to selfies. The winners were more excited to meet Tiffany rather than receiving their award.

One of the winners, Bie The Ska from Thailand was so excited that he hugged Tifanny. Shocked yet understanding, Tiffany just laughed it off. Bie was the envy of everyone. Despite getting so many requests to say Hello on Snapchat, selfies etc, Tiffany accommodate every request with a calm and smiling persona. She even offered to help the duo from JinnyBoy TV to take a picture!

What is an award show without a surprise?

Everyone was waiting eagerly for the surprise performance. The Kpop fans were hoping for Jay Park to appear but everyone was blown away with Redfoo and the team’s energy to party rock with him. American rapper and half of LMFAO, Red Foo appeared earlier to present an award too.

Redfoo being Redfoo got everyone standing and dancing along to hits like Party Rock Anthem and New Thang . The award show ended with a high note. What a day of celebrating the social media industry! Head over to our Facebook page to view pictures of the red carpet and awards show!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Influence Asia for giving us an opportunity to be part of the first social media award show.   

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