Actor Ji Chang Wook shares his thoughts as a Shokubutsu Brand Ambassador and talks about his acting career!

Shokubutsu RevitaCare Ambassador, Ji Chang Wook

On December 6, Shokubutsu’s Brand Ambassador, Ji Chang Wook met up with the media for an exclusive press conference prior to his two consecutive fan meetings soon after. Held at Westin Hotel, the 28-year old star shared his thoughts as a Shokubutsu Ambassador and discusses his career as an actor as well as his personality off-screen.

Being his first visit to Singapore, Ji shared that he is thankful for the warm welcome and expressed his hopes to be a fitting ambassador of the new luxuriously moisturizing Shokubutsu RevitaCare Body Foam.

Ji’s caring and warm image are very much similar to that of the Japanese brand body foam product. In fact, he can best represent the new ideal man, also known as “暖男” – thoughtful, caring, warm and pampering. Ji believes his image is greatly influenced by the roles that he plays – in which required him to give his all to protect the one he loves. With a shy laughter, he added, “I think that is true about myself and I will try to keep it that way. I am a very warm and sweet person”.

When asked on his current activities, the actor revealed that he had just completed filming his movie in Korea and is currently busy with his latest acting project in China. Much to his relief, Ji shared that he had to literally run for his flight to Singapore due to extended filming hours in China. Running on a hectic daily schedule, Ji shared that he often relaxes by taking a long shower and having ample rest.

Diving into the topic of shower, Ji was then asked to choose a shower scene that he filmed which left the deepest impression on him. He chose the scene in his historical TV drama – Empress Ki, whereby he had to hide co-star, Ha Ji Won in his bathtub while pretending to take a bath. Recalling his experience of filming the scene, he shared that it was not as uncomfortable or awkward as he initially thought it to be. He then added, “The shower scene actually led to a kissing scene in the water and it was a first time for me to have an underwater kiss scene.  It was a new experience”.

Over the years, Ji has acted out many popular roles from different drama series. While the roles are each unique to the context of the dramas, he believes that there is always a bit of himself in every character he plays. Ji shared that the key factors for choosing a role are interesting synopsis and character development. As an actor, he believes that there are plenty of roles that he has yet to play and hence, many possibilities of what roles he might be doing next.

The South Korean heartthrob was then asked to rate his attractiveness from a scale of 1 to 10. Humble indeed, he gave himself a 7.5 and added that it was a tricky question as he could neither rate himself too low nor too high. Asked on his personality off-screen, he described himself to be a playful and cheeky person when in the company of his friends and family; often pulling pranks on them.

Wrapping up the press conference, Ji shared his plans in 2016 – by when his new movie will be out. Ji shared that he would be actively taking up drama and performance activities. He added, “There are still no concrete plans on music activities. However, as music is something that I am very passionate about, I would probably continue to do more of it in the coming future.”

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Daphne for giving us the opportunity to cover this event!

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