It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay

It felt like stepping into a magical fairytale…With Singapore as the backdrop.

This is the second year in a row that Gardens by the Bay is holding the Christmas Wonderland fair. Jointly organised by Blue Sky Events and Gardens by the Bay, Christmas Wonderland welcomes local and international visitors from 27 November 2015 to 3 January 2016.

The Fifth Parlour was invited to the official opening on 26 November 2015.  As this was our first time, we did not know what to expect. We were told that besides the impressive lights display, the organisers will be unveiling a tempting array of shopping and dining options. Visitors can look forward to festive treats from traditional goodies to party favourites, as well as exclusive creations available only at the fair.

As we approach the entrance, we were greeted by a walkway illuminated with light panels above us.

Credits: Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay

These type of lights are what they describe as Luminarie. They are magnificent sculptures of light handmade by skilled craftsmen using white wood from the south of Italy. This year’s lights feature an all-new architectural design reminiscent of the medieval period. There are 56 Luminarie light displays throughout the Gardens. These lights are the most outstanding ones as well the prettiest ones to take pictures of.

Minister Iswaran was on site for the lighting up of the main display, Spalliera along with that there was the launch of Blizzard Time; foam simulates the falling of snowflakes. It was absolutely magical! And the best part of this, Blizzard Time is available nightly.

There are also craft huts offering a variety of artisan and lifestyle products  that will delight shoppers looking for unique gift ideas. The huts look like quaint little houses. It reminds me so much of the huts in the movie, The Grinch. The little huts also houses the various eateries that offers baked goods, churros, ice cream, cheese platter, and many more. One thing that can be vastly improved though, is the availability of halal dishes. As the Christmas Wonderland is meant to attract visitors from all walks of life, we are sure not just the locals, but also tourists would appreciate the wider variety of food choices.

Nevertheless, not much could dampen our mood. We also managed to step into the Flower Dome that houses the Toy Wonderland. Do note that the usual conservatory charges applies to the public to enter the dome.

We also got to take a ride on the “Train with no track” which led us to the Fairground. That was personally my favourite part. There you can find the carousel, the Helter Skelter (a 14 metre high slide) as well as funfair games where you can win plush toys. We tried playing one of the games and we could not resist but to try more than once. To play the games you would have to purchase tokens, which are available at the many token booths situated around the area.

Lastly, the special addition this year, is the Ice Palace, where you can find the indoor ice skating rink. We did not manage to try it, but it sure looked fun.

I hope after reading about all the exciting things they have to offer, you are ready to see it for yourself! We have a few tips for you just in case.

What to bring/wear:-

  1.  Comfortable footwear (you will be doing a lot of walking around!)
  2.  Light clothing
  3. Handheld fan
  4. Water
  5. Decent camera for photo-taking!

All things considered, we were impressed with the lights display and how they utilise the space to include a Festive Market as well as the Fairground where traditional European funfair games can be found. This is the absolute best place for families, especially those with kids, to hang out and spend quality time together. The area is also wheelchair/pram friendly.

Although it is still ongoing, we are already looking forward to next year’s affair! View more pictures of Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay on our Facebook Page!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank you Gardens by the Bay for the invitation.

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