Exclusive! Forever Still – Tied Down Album Review

Denmark independent band, Forever Still is fronted by a lady vocalist. Debuted in 2012 with only a few songs and an EP, that did not stop them from getting recognition.

Credits: Forever Still’s Facebook Page

Now, Maja Shining, Mikkel Haastrup, and Dennis Posare are ready to hit the music scene with their debut album Tied Down releasing in January 2016. We, at The Fifth Parlour, got first dibs on the album. After listening to it for a few times, it has been pretty much on repeat! 

When listening to the first track of the album, I knew this album is gonna rock my face out. The haunting voice of Maja that goes with the heavy bass and hard hitting drums and sweet guitar strumming goes well together.  Forever Still gives me the haunting vibes from Flyleaf self titled album mix together with Evanescence’s Fallen and some screaming just like Bring Me The Horizon which made me love this band instantly. I can also hear some influences from Within Temptation as well.

When I was given a chance to listen to the album, I had no idea who Forever Still was but now, I am glad that I discovered them.  Some tracks to take note of are Scars, Miss Madness and Break The Glass. These songs stood out for me as it shows the versatility of the band. Tied Down will definitely be in my must have albums in January. You need to get your hands on the album when it is out.

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