Credits: AC Music Entertainment

A sea of pearl metal gold slowly filled the hall as Inspirits gathered for a night of reunion at 2015 INFINITE 2nd World Tour Singapore – INFINITE EFFECT on Friday, 13 November 2015. This marks their third visit in Singapore since 2013, when they promised that their next concert would be an upgraded version of One Great Step. With a more refined and polished solo and unit stages and of higher quality hit tracks, the septet has no doubt since fulfilled their promise – making it worth the wait for their fans.

Setting the mood at a high from the start, INFINITE gave back-to-back powerful performances of classic hit tracks – BTD, Paradise and Be Mine. Cheers amplified as main vocalists, Kim Sungkyu and Nam Woohyun belt out the high notes with ease. Their ability to sing live while executing their challenging and intricate choreography were truly impressive.

With no emcee on stage, the septet did a great job conversing actively with fans and hyping up the crowd. Visual, Kim Myungsoo (L) sent fans into a frenzy as he overflows with aegyo (cuteness) – introducing himself with “Hello, I am your darling L” while giving his killer eye-smile. Due to a leg injury prior to the world tour, the dance machine of the group, Hoya had to sit out on the dancing.

Continuing their powerful dance streak, they performed Destiny and Tic Toc. The stunning laser works during Destiny made the stage even more visually impressive. Turning the tables, INFINITE showed their versatility as they performed slower numbers from their latest album, Reality. For a change, as part of a fan project, the arena was filled with red and white lights that of a heart shape.  Their soothing vocals in emotional ballad tracks, Love Letter and Standing Face to Face (마주보며 서 있어) surely did tug at one’s heartstrings. Amazing vocals even from the rapper line – Dongwoo and Hoya!

Credits: AC Music Entertainment

Over the past five years, their individual colours have notably become more prominent with solo and unit activities. Vocalists Sungkyu and Woohyun each delivered a charismatic solo performance for the night. There were various fan projects prepared for the septet. Fans surprised Sungkyu with banners congratulating him for his 3rd anniversary as a soloist. Hoping that Woohyun would have a solo debut soon, fans held banner “I dreamt of Woohyun’s solo”. INFINITE H, the hip-hop duo of the septet got fans screaming when they went off stage and got closer to the fans from Cat 1. The latest unit from the band, INFINITE F performed fun numbers, Heartthrob and My Girl. Colourful stage lights were on point, in matching terms with the fun atmosphere as the trio gifted fans with bears!

Hoya was the happiest when he could dance along with the members for songs with comparatively easier or casual choreography – Nothing’s Over and their latest song, For You! The night continued with the septet performing tracks of various genres from their debut album, First Invasion till their latest album, Reality.

Credits: AC Music Entertainment

As the concert draws to an end, mixed emotions filled the hall. Expressing their never ending support for INFINITE, fans raised the banner “앞으로도 계속 사랑할거”, which means – I will continue loving you.

Leader, Sungkyu took the chance to thank the fans for their support all this while. He shared, “I am most thankful for all of you who came down today. It has been 2 years since we last perform in Singapore. Thank you so much for waiting for us. I really enjoyed myself today and I hope you did too”.

Member, Lee Sungyeol cute warning caused fans to erupt in laughter. Speaking in English, he warned, “If you ever cheat on us, I will chase you till the end of the world”. Collectively, INFINITE shared that they were thankful for the warm welcome by fans despite their two years hiatus in Singapore.

Credits: AC Music Entertainment

With a thankful heart, INFINITE took one last bow and ended the night with a touching encore performance of Together. Emotions ran high as fans chanted 사랑해 (I love You).

Overall, it was a memorable night filled with joy and impressive vocals and visuals. Looking at the various fan projects (including food supports) that were planned, it is very apparent how thankful Inspirits were for INFINITE EFFECT in Singapore. INFINITE faced plenty of challenging episodes since their debut five years ago but even after all this time, as what Hoya said, INFINITE is still INFINITE and (he hope that) fans still remain as Inspirits.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank AC Music Entertainment for giving us the opportunity to cover the event!

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