Shila Amzah the master of languages

Debuting as a Malay singer, this lady has evolved and now recognised as a Mandarin singer. The Asian Wave winner and the second runner-up of the second season of I Am A Singer revealed that as of now, she can sing in 10 languages; English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Italian.

Shila Amzah was in Singapore last week as part of the Global Chinese Music Awards 2015. The 25 year old won the Best Female Stage Performer award and shared that she is the first Malay to be invited to the show and now, the first to win an award! Congratulations Shila!

Having just performed her first concert in Hong Kong, she shared about how the attendees enjoyed her Cantonese songs and even dance and sing along to her. It was a surprise to her since she was told that it is hard for these fans to do so. Singing Cantonese has been a challenge for Shila. According to her, Cantonese is 70% harder than Mandarin. It took her a journey of three months to fully learn and understand the songs. So what motivates her to learn a new language despite the challenges?

“I  personally get bored easily with things so when I feel like I am already in my comfort zone, I feel like that this is not good for me. When I feel comfortable, it will lead me to be too laid back and lazy.” Hence, she loves learning languages. Passionate in languages, she wants to learn Arabic and French next. Usually, she will learn how to sing first then speak the language.

Recently, Shila has released her new single, Zai Jian (Goodbye) which is a lead up to her previous song, Zai Jian Bu Zai Jian. Based on her previous love story, this single is about her making a stand to leave the past and cherish herself. As an empowering breakup song, she wants those listening to it to love themselves regardless of whether they are in love or otherwise.

Shila does not only sings, she dance, acts  writes, produce music and despite her busy schedule, she still find time to cook. Just look at her Instagram! So which dish best describes Shila?

It is none other than Malaysia’s food, Nasi Lemak. To eat Nasi Lemak, you need to eat everything that comes with it, the lemak (coconut rice), ikan bilis (anchovies) and the sambal. You cannot just eat one of it, else, it will not feel right. Just like Shila, even though she can be a very  straightforward person, she can be sweet like the lemak. Looks like living abroad doesn’t makes her forget the local delicacies.

Will we be hearing a new album soon, I hear you Shilalas asking?

Good news!

Shila has assured us that the third single will be out in hopefully in a couple of months. Not only that, her next album which is already done will be out in March! This album depicts her hardwork for the past two years. Being in a foreign country, she has to deal with a lot of things hence, it took a while for the album to be completed. For her upcoming album, it will consists mostly of Mandarin songs, eight to be precise alongisde with two English songs and one Malay song. Most of the songs are written by her except for two.

Soon, we will get to hear her new materials! For now, I’m sure Shila has more things on her sleeves. Following her on Instagram, her day is always filled with activities however she still put her family as her priority as they have been sacrificing a lot for her which contributes to her success.

Some might think Shila is a diva since she has been getting a lot of recognition. Scrap that thought, because she is one humble and funny lady who is never afraid to say what is on her mind. On top of that, she is just a simple yet beautiful lady who has a good heart. I find myself staring at her beauty throughout the interview!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Shila Amzah for accommodating to this interview despite her busy schedule and Darren and Lorna for coordinating this interview. 

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