Reminiscing the past with TVB dramas at the StarHub TVB Awards 2015

StarHub TVB Awards 2015 was definitely a star-studded event which aims to recognize TVB artistes for their outstanding performance. More importantly, it has always been the most highly anticipated night of the year where viewers and fans get to catch their favourite TV actors and actresses; all dressed glamorously and looking radiant.

The Battle of TVB’s Most Classic TV Character as Selena preferred to call herself Big Dragon Maiden instead

In conjunction with SG50 celebrations, this year’s theme Walk Down Memory Lane with TVB was aptly brought out during the gala ceremony with memorable performances by Dim Sum Dollies who brought classic TVB characters to our minds through their parodies. The very one segment which brought the entire audience to laughters was perhaps the Battle of TVB’s Most Classic TV Character. All eyes were on Pamela Oei as Auntie Hao from the long-running family drama, A Kindred Spirit (1995-1999), Denise Tan as Chow Yun Fat’s never-to-be-forgotten role as Hui Man-keung from The Bund (1980) and the best for the last, Selena Tan gracefully entering dressed as Little Dragon Maiden, accompanied with a disproportionately sized condor, from The Return Of The Condor Heroes (1983).

Alongside the awards presentation, the ceremony included numerous spectacular performances by TVB artistes with nostalgic hits from the past. Grace Chan and Eliza Sam shone brightly on the stage singing Proud of You.

Wayne Lai performed four great hits such as The Flower Heart 花心, 999 Roses 九百九十九朵玫瑰, A New Dream of An Affectionate Butterflies 新鸳鸯蝴蝶梦 and Every Bit Of My Heart 用心良苦 which were theme songs of various TVB dramas in 1993. Vincent Wong later shared an energetic dance performance with Nancy Wu while Linda Chung presented the heartfelt song, Don’t ask me who I am 别问我是谁. Other dedicated performances put up by TVB artistes included Louis Cheng, Ruco Chan and the duo Hubert Wu and Alfred Hui with the theme song of The Other Truth.

Adam Cheng and Liza Weng for the theme song of The Legend of Purple Hair Pin

The highlight performance definitely went to the finale medley by Adam Cheng with theme songs from his classic dramas like Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre and Book and Sword . Just as the audience thought all the performance went past so quickly, Adam Cheng invited Liza Weng on stage for a duet of the theme song of The Legend of Purple Hair Pin, which brought the couple together on screen in 1975.

Adam Cheng and Liza Weng honoured with “SG50: Star of the Stars Award”

A total of 30 awards were presented and the full list of winner can be found on Starhub TVB Awards 2015’s website. This year, Adam Cheng and Liza Weng were honoured with the commemorative award SG50: Star of the Stars Award, in recognition for their years of contribution to TVB and the Hong Kong entertainment industry. More importantly, they have dedicated much of their lives to bringing countless classic works which brought viewers into falling in love with TVB dramas. Their continued presence in the industry has helped guided budding artistes in the field with their valuable experience and acting skills.

With Captain of Destiny grabbing “My Favourite TVB Drama” of the year, the gala ceremony was drawn to a perfect end, leaving the audience nostalgic of the past memories and in greater anticipation to see their favourite artistes again in their upcoming works.

Viewers can catch a telecast of the StarHub TVB Awards 2015 a week later on 31 October via TVB First (StarHub TV Channel 860) in its original languages. The production will also be made available in Mandarin on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) and E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) on 7 November and 14 November respectively.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank StarHub for the invitation to StarHub TVB Awards 2015.

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