Bringing you top Korean movies in 10 nights at Korean Film Festival 2015

Organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore, ten highly rated Korean movies are set to screen in Shaw Lido theaters during Korean Film Festival 2015.

This event is held as part of the various events planned to commemorate 40 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and Singapore. Furthermore, with the rising trend of K-wave, fans are definitely in treat to catch the the featured films in 10 nights. These movies have been great hits in Korea and some has even topped Singapore’s box offices, like Assasination (2015) starring most-loved actress Jeon Ji-Hyeon 전지현 and talented actors Lee Jung-jae 이정재, Ha Jung-woo 하정우 and Oh Dal-su 오달수.

Ambassador of Republic of Korea, His Excellency Suh Chung-ha

The opening night commenced on October 23 and was graced by Ambassador of Republic of Korea, His Excellency Suh Chung-ha and Guest-of-Honour Mr Eric Khoo, top Singaporean film-maker. During his speech, His Excellency Suh Chung-ha highly praised the movie festival for providing “great insights into contemporary and modern Korea” which would allow fans to deepen their understanding of the nation. In addition, he made special mentions of films like Assassination (2015) and Northern Limit Line (2015), which was also the opening film for the festival.

Credits: Rosetta Cinema, Next Entertainment World and Korean Film Council

Northern Limit Line was released earlier this year in June and immediately topped Korea’s box office on its opening day. Subsequently, it became the top grossing film in Korea and to date, remains as the most watched movie in 2015. The film was more than just a naval war film. Adapted from a true story, while millions of Koreans were out rooting for their soccer team against Turkey for third place in the 2002 FIFA World Cup, The Republic was confronted with two North Korea’s patrol boats which crossed the disputed borders near Yeonpyeong Island in the Yellow Sea. As South Korea’s patrol boats kept by the Rules of Engagement, one of her patrol boat, 357, was caught in a sudden ambush by North Korea’s patrol boats. This battle lasted for 30 minutes long and devastatingly ended with deaths of six South Korean sailors and 18 wounded while North Korea suffered greater causalities.

In the film, Kim Mu-Yeol 김무열 portrayed the young Lieutenant Commander Yoon Young-ha who led 357 in the waters valiantly. New to the group of comrades, he had to adapt fast to integrate himself into the group, consisting of Sergeant Han Sang-gook, played by Jin Goo 진구, and a newly joined medic Corporal Park Dong-hyuk, played by Lee Hyun-woo 이현우. While the nation celebrated Korea’s victory far into the consolation games of 2002 World Cup, the sailors were on their guards protecting the borders along the Northern Limit Line. Just as they least expected, during the crucial consolation game, North Korea’s patrol boats ambushed South Korea’s patrol boat 357 and fired relentlessly at the fleet of sailors. Despite the fierce attack, under the firm command of Yoon Young-ha, sailors of 357 fought bravely with great loyalty towards their country and love towards their homeland.

In this film, Director Kim Hak-soon depicted the scenes realistically with 3D shooting and successfully provoked empathy among audience with inclusion of actual footages for some of the scenes. This film greatly moved the audience as the three protagonists displayed unwavering bravery against the ambush even to the very last moment. Alongside, other comrades were resolved to stand by their leaders in the battle. Towards the ending, the film brought tears of sorrow in the audience as they garnered great respect towards the sailors who were heavily injured yet stood firm at their positions, holding on to the belief that individual sacrifices are incomparable to the protection and safety they can bring for their comrades and nation.

Definitely a film not to be missed! Northern Limit Line is also set to be one of the closing films for the festival. For more information, visit Korean Film Festival’s website.

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