Afgan captured 3000 hearts at his sold out concert in Kuala Lumpur

Afgan  performed to close to 3000 fans at his sold out solo concert on 18th September, at the Plenary Hall of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Credits: Afgansyah Reza Facebook

Lucky for him, one of his wishes came true. Afgan has been dreaming of performing and holding his own concert in Malaysia. He shared that he was very honored and pleased to hold a solo concert in Malaysia. That night, Afgan appeared energetic and entertained the audience with a total of 23 songs alongside with his whole band, The Gandarians . Making the audience hyped up with his sleek dance moves accompanied with his dancers dancing to the rhythm of the music, audiences couldn’t sit still and moved along with him.

Credits: Afgansyah Reza Facebook

He even created Love Medley of his songs that the story flows smoothly through out. Not only that, he also sang Malaysia popular songs from Yuna (Bintang), Anuar Zain (Sedetik Lebih) and Sheila Majid (Warna). Mentioning about Sheila Majid, after singing one of her songs, the audience shouted that his favourite singer, Sheila Majid was actually in the concert hall watching him singing! Afgan was shocked in disbelief and felt that he ultimate dream came true. He told her that he has been listening to her songs since childhood and would love to duet with her someday.

Credits: Afgansyah Reza Facebook

The excitement continues when Rossa appeared to duet with Afgan with their song,  Kamu Yang Ku Tunggu . The intimacy between the two friends shows when both of them kept joking and blurting out each other’s secrets to the audience. “For those who wanna be Afgan’s girlfriend, please register to me ya!” joked Rossa. Rossa looked extremely beautiful with her white dress and sang one of her solo songs, Hati tak Bertuan.

Credits: Afgansyah Reza Facebook

After the concert that lasted 3 hours long, he greeted last with Panah Asmara that made the audience stand up swaying and singing along. The concert ended with standing ovation from the crowd,feeling of satisfaction from his performance.

Afgan is nominated for Anugerah Planet Muzik in Social Media Ikon, Most Popular Artiste and also Best Duo with Rossa for Kamu Yang Kutunggu. Don’t forget to visit APM Facebook to vote for Afgan. Voting ends 1st October 2015,11.59pm! Catch him live and the rest of the other artist in APM this 9 October 2015!

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