Hydir Idris knows what is his calling in life

The name Hydir Idris is no stranger to the Malay community. He has participated in Anugerah, a reality singing competition on MediaCorp Suria and acted on Ratna, a local drama. He has also appeared on Season 1 of The Final 1 in 2013.

Growing up, Hydir has been participating in various singing competitions which placed him mostly as the top three. This has not stopped him from pursuing his love for singing. His participation in Anugerah has further assured himself that he wants to be a singer and an artist. He then enrolled himself at the LASALLE College of the Arts.

Currently, busy with school and assignments, Hydir finds time to write songs. He has been actively posting videos on YouTube doing covers and originals. He shared that if he were given a choice to collaborate with any YouTubers, he would love to work with Boyce Avenue. “I really love their selection of songs on covers and their rendition is wonderful. They are the ones who inspire me and if there’s a role model for YouTubers, I’d go for Tyler Ward.” He further added that he would love to collaborate with The Sam Willows!

Other than school, Hydir is busy preparing for Anugerah Planet Muzik and Singapura Live 2.0 which will be shown on Suria soon. If you have not heard, Hydir’s single, Marah Aku, has been nominated for the Most Popular Song (Singapura). It has also been receiving airplays on local radios as well as on Suria.

Produced by Sallys Music Productions, the song is a mix of 60’s vibe with modern twist. Watching Anugerah and seeing him in other videos, Hydir gives out the vibe that he is a very shy guy. Watching him on the music video shows another side of him.


To vote for Hydir’s single, Marah Aku, head over to Anugerah Planet Muzik’s Facebook Page and vote LP09 – Marah Aku. You have up till October 1, 11.59pm to vote for him!

So what is next for Hydir?

Working together again with Sallys Music Productions, he will be releasing a new single, Syarina, in November. He revealed that Syarina is not just any girl. Hmm.. I guess it must be a special girl in his heart. We just got to watch and see then. Hydir also shared that he is working on something else too but is secretive about it. So stay glued to his social media for more updates.

Get closer to Hydir by following him Twitter and Instagram and like his Facebook Page! Just so you know, this shy guy can laugh like Spongebob Squarepants and even mimic his voice!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Hydir for taking time for this interview and wishes him all the best for Anugerah Planet Muzik!


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