Creative Director, Jessica Jung talks about inspirations behind her fashion designs and future plans for the label at BLANC & ECLARE x Surrender Exclusive Press Conference

BLANC & ECLARE’s Founder and Creative Director, Jessica Jung in YOHANA

On August 27, BLANC & ECLARE’s Founder and Creative Director, Jessica Jung greeted the media at an exclusive press conference for the launch of her very own fashion label in Singapore. Held at Salon By Surrender, Marina Bay Sands, the 26-year-old shared with the media her inspirations for her fashion collections and future plans for the label.

Dressed in the classic BLANC & ECLARE’s Yonaha – one of the best-selling pieces from her denim collection, Jung shared that she get her inspirations from two main avenues – Travelling and her mother. For the former, Jung shared, “I love travelling in different cities and looking at the different cultures. All cultures have different colours and styles to identify themselves, so that really helps me”.

BLANC & ECLARE’s eyewear collection Cr: SURRENDER

In fact, the multi-faceted artist shared that her sunglasses collection are inspired from the cities she love and have been to. The elegant and fashion forward cat-eye Paris frames and Shanghai’s soft round lens eye wears are greatly inspired by her experience in those countries. Other countries in the list includes Hong Kong, New York, Seoul and Tokyo. While Singapore is still not on the list, Jung teases that they might be a Singapore line coming soon and asked that the media look forward to it as they continue to work on their new designs.

Another inspiration for her collection is her role model – her mother. Jung describes her mother as a classy and elegant woman and have always wanted to be like her when she grows up. This aligns to BLANC & ECLARE’s unique point of view, which is best described as the modern classic.

Ever since she was a child, Jung shared that she has always love fashion and have always wanted to do something related to fashion. Particularly, she really love denim wear. Hence, it is of no surprise that she decides to explore the denim fashion and launch her own denim line.

When asked about her favourite piece of her denim collection, Jung enthusiastically answered, “My favourite piece from the collection is the high-waisted jeans called Manhattan. It comes with two colours. I think it’s awesome because it has a very nice fit for Asian ladies, making it super comfortable. It holds the body perfectly, so the silhouette looks awesome. Plus, because it’s high-waist, your legs will look much longer, so it’s amazing”.

As a creative fashion designer, Jung shared that she values comfort as the top priority in her designs. Be it eyewear or her denim collection, she shared that it is important for the users to feel comfortable enough to use it all day. Thus, her formula for a great design is comfort first, followed by flattering-fit visuals or designs.

The Jung Sisters – Jessica & Krystal Cr: jessica.syj IG

In contrast to her previous career as a member of popular Korean idol girl group Girls’ Generation, being a full-time fashion designer requires her to work independently. Commenting on the pros of working independently, Jung shared that working alone has allowed her to make decisions on her own and to also work closely with her team as it was easier to communicate and share ideas with each other during the process of creative thinking.

The Jung sisters is no foreign term for fans of Jessica Jung and younger sister, Krystal Jung. Not only are they known for their affectionate and loving relationship, the Jung sisters are also known for their good fashion sense. Thus, it is not surprising to know that Krystal, member of popular idol group f(x), has always been a constant and a key player in her newly embarked journey as a fashion designer. The prospect of a collaboration between BLANC & ECLARE and Krystal doesn’t seem too far! (:


Lastly, Jung shared her hopes of BLANC & ECLARE to expand in the Asia market and expressed her interest for collaborations with other fashion-enthusiasts artists.

BLANC & ECLARE is available online ( and in specialty shops and exclusive retail locations across Asia. BLANC & ECLARE collection is now available at Salon By Surrender, 2 Bayfront Avenue #B2-232/233 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Thank you Salon By Surrender for extending the invitation to The Fifth Parlour for BLANC & ECLARE press conference!

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