“Juvenile Jellyfish” describes Arson’s debut EP perfectly

The Fifth Parlour recently discovered a new favourite local band from Ignite! Music Festival 2015, where Ethereal Hardcore band; Arson, played on the 21st of August.

 photo arson_photo5_jensenching_zpswh3c8psj.jpg

Credits: Arson

Teo Celine, who does vocals for the band told The Fifth Parlour that Arson has come to the conclusion that the genre of Ethereal Harcore best describes their sound more than any other term of genre. It’s Ethereal because of Celine’s reverb-driven vocals that compliments the hard and heavy sound of their music which contributes to the Hardcore element.

Before the band was formed in 2013, Mutalib (Talib) who plays guitar for Arson, was involved in a 2-man band with Celine called The Penguin Army. Realising that they wanted to dive into a totally different genre with their friends and play music for a different crowd, Talib and Celine called in their friends from all sorts of platforms to play music with them. You would not even guess the great lengths the two had to go to find other members that fits the lineup of the band perfectly. Eventually Sufian Dadula joined the band as a bassist and Helmi Akbar on the drums. With Wong Kangwen as the newest member of the band, Arson finalised their EP right before Baybeats Festival 2015.

 photo arson_photo3_jacquelynseetoh_zpsqds9xygx.jpg

Credits: Arson

The band was given the opportunity to play the Arena Stage for Baybeats Festival 2015, where they decided to launch their EP, Ephyra. Ephyra means Juvenile Jellyfish, and it best describes the mark of Arson’s beginning to songwriting and performance journey.

Why Jellyfish? The band believes that the jellyfish explains the concept of their music having some kind of an element of mystery and how their music develops and grows like a jellyfish from the sea. Not only that, the Jellyfish best describes the band because Jellyfishes are usually known for both their elegance and gracefullness as they drift about the ocean, but at the same time has a venomous sting. Just like the Jellyfish, Arson’s music has that elegent, ethereal melodies that compliments their hard-hitting, heavy guitar, bass and drum lines.

A personal favourite song from their EP would be track 4, Mirissa. Arson believes that their creativity, soul, and direction of the band best culminated in track 4.

What is Mirissa about?

“The song sings of a young lady in the midst of turbulent times where she tries to make sense of it all and eventually triumphing over the darkness and confusion she is surrounded by. I think the band went through a challenging first year as we tried to seek out a direction, and to confirm a line-up for arson. In fact, Mirissa was written after we failed to make the line-up for Baybeats 2014. Hence, when we were able to play it to an amazing crowd during our Baybeats 2015 show, it really meant a lot to see people rocking out to our music.”

The Ignite Music Festival 2015 stage was the biggest stage Arson has ever played to and the crowd response was amazing. With pure dedication from the crowd standing under the blazing hot sun, it was nothing but worth it to hear Arson play on stage.

The band has plans of working towards bringing in stage props to their future shows to incorporate the visual effects aspect to bring a bigger impact to the stage when they play. They’re also looking to film a music video, and then soon after with songwriting stage two. The band is also looking to widen their target audience to Malaysia, where they would reach out to a larger crowd as they progress.

According to Celine, Arson does not believe that they have actually fulfilled their “hardcore” element for their sound yet. With songwriting stage two, the band wishes to venture into that zone for their newer stuff in the near future.

“We want to be heavier, but still sound melodic and ethereal.” – Teo Celine, vocals/Synth.

If you haven’t already, purchase a digital copy of Arson’s EP “Ephyra” for SGD5 up on Bandcamp!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Rachel and Aida for co-ordinating this interview and the band for their co-operation. 

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