Take Two looks up to local acts, THELIONCITYBOY & Shigga Shay 

The Fifth Parlour first got to know this band from a Songwriters’ Night session organised by SGMUSO at Barber Shop by Timbre in 2014. Their performance with Adam from Fairchild caught our attention and we bought their debut EP right after their set. Since then, we have watched them performing at Rdio Home and even more recently at IGNITE! Music Festival.

If you are still wondering who we are talking about, it is none other than Take Two. Consisting of Johnathan Lim (Guitar), Jeryl Yeo (drums), Tan Peng Sing (Guitar), Paddy Jonathan Ong (Singer) and David Siow (bass), this indie rock pop band or as Paddy described — a jazz inspired guitar work with a lot of pop sensibilities — performed to a large crowd last Saturday at Republic Polytechnic. To date, this was the biggest stage that the band has played at so far and they were appreciative of the attentive service given to them. They felt very pampered and loved.

As a new and upcoming band, they are still at the learning stage. They revealed that there are aspects from various local acts that they admire. David shared that he is impressed with Kevin Lester, better known as THELIONCITYBOY, with his ability to hype the crowd. “He is just so commanding that it feels like he’s the leader, alpha male. I feel like I want to pledge my allegiance to that guy. Whoa, respect man, respect,” added David. Peng on the other hand admires Shigga Shay with his ability to connect to the media.

The band has been busy performing locally and internationally. Especially last week, where they toured the neighbouring countries before their stage at IGNITE! Music Festival. Still, they are thankful for the experiences. When asked to pick some of their memorable performances, Chiang Mai – Heaven Beach, Baybeats, Beer Fest and their random busking in Madrid by the poolside (check out the video of their performance we shared above!) during the summer were the top choices.

So what is next for the band?

The band will be playing for the Singapore’s night race, Formula 1. Yes, you heard it first on The Fifth Parlour! There are also plans to perform overseas at the end of the year. Other than performing, the band is also setting time aside to work on their current priority, writing new music.

Managing priorities can be hard at times when the band is juggling between work and music. Paddy explained it is not an easy process but it takes a collective effort and commitment from everyone in the band, individually and together and of course support from their loved ones; family and their significant other. Not forgetting their fans too who have been there for them. “Thank you all for this support, really appreciate it. When we first started playing in this band we didn’t think we would have people supporting us like how some of you do, so we’re really thankful and we’re taking it to heart, and hopefully we can make better and more music for you,” expressed Paddy. Peng added that for him, he will always think about the fans and this motivates him to do a good show. Everytime they think of giving up, they will think of the fans and know they cannot let them down.

So fans, they are doing this for you! Keep supporting them and wait for their new music. As for now, if you are looking for music to listen, let me share with you some songs that you can listen to while doing some of these activities as recommended by the band:

  • Driving: In Your Arms
  • Club/Angry: Top Man
  • On the MRT: Avier
  • Harvesting: Plantations
  • Looking at the Stars/Garden: Luna
  • Hungry: Addiction Affliction

Looks like the band has ensured that of their songs is accompanied by activities or your mood! 🙂 If you would like to know more about the interesting and random stuffs about the bands, head over to their official website, like them on their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank John, Jeryl, Peng Seng, Paddy and David for taking time to do this interview. We can’t wait for new materials and see you at your next show! 🙂

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