Meet Local Hip Hop Duo, Trick

Local hip hop duo, Trick, has been in the music scene since 2012. Signed to Sony Music Singapore, the duo’s first single Up All Night reached #4 on 987FM and #1 on Hot FM’s chart. Their second single Sunshine got encouraging response from the airwaves in Singapore and Malaysia and was at #7 on the 987FM Top 20 charts and local radio rotations.

Trick consists of Richard Jensen and Marc Lian. They got together thanks to a friend of Marc who introduced him to Richard’s music on YouTube. Liking what he heard, Marc wasted no time to reach out to Richard and the rest is history.

The duo has just released their new single, Some Girls. According to Marc, this single is important to them as it establishes their passion and dedication for the hip hop genre and culture. Described as a light hearted, fun hip hop club banger, this song’s chorus was written by Marc five years ago before Trick was even formed. At that point of time, he just could not find the right beat or melody for the lyrics until this year. “Somehow I just knew that it would fit the lyrics I had, so I started singing the lyrics and the melody came effortlessly.” Then, he got Richard in the studio the next day and they finished the songs in less than two hours!

Other than busy promoting their new single, Some Girls, the duo is also penning and recording a bunch of new tracks. However, if you are expecting for a new album or EP, there is not a plan as of yet. Now, they just want to complete the new tracks. Tricksters, don’t worry, at least you can expect new materials from them soon, be it a single or an online release.

While waiting for new materials from Trick, check out their covers ranging from English to Korean. These boys for sure has garnered fangirls not only those who listens to pop, hip hop but also K-pop lovers! Check out their English cover of  G-DRAGON’s WHO YOU (니가 뭔데). 

Trick has been getting a lot of support from their fans, Tricksters. Thanks to them, they are still here doing what they are doing. Marc expressed his gratitude to the Tricksters who have been supporting them, “we wanna thank all the fans for their support especially those that have been there from the very start, we have nothing but love and appreciation for you guys! We hope to see you at one of our shows soon, keep on doing what you do!”

Keep updated to the duo’s shows and life by checking them out on their official websiteTwitterInstagram,YouTube, Vevo and Facebook Page!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Marc and Richard for taking time to do this interview and we can’t wait for new materials and Catherine from Sony Music Singapore for coordinating this interview. 

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