Being with The People – NUS Rag & Flag

Organised by the National University Singapore Student Union (NUSSU), the Rag & Flag event celebrates the NUS 110th anniversary alongside Singapore 50th anniversary. A total of $451, 120 was collected hitting beyond the intended target of $450, 000 for the beneficiaries.

After months of rehearsals and practice were put into it, and that night, doctors, lawyers, businessmen/businesswomen might have break the stereotype of anyone can dance seeing all the different faculties in a new light. Impressive effort were being put on the choreography, song remix and set. All the faculties given their best for their performance, but at the end of the day, only the best made it.

Rag & Flag ended with a bang after Gentle Bones and The Sam Willows performance before the prize giving ceremony to those teams that won. With hit songs like, Settle Down, Until We Die and Save Me, there is no way they didn’t hit the sentiments of the audience at the whole platform.

Joel didn’t woo the whole crowd alone though. Of course Josh was there to add in to those sentiments with his violin.

The Sam Willows hit the stage after Gentle Bones to pump up the party a bit starting with Glasshouse and For Love before the little surprise came in when Gentle Bones joined them for their cover of Shut Up and Dance. Great vibes everywhere and people were dancing at the audience cheering and singing along. It’s not long before they played the single they have released a music video on– Take Heart. shortly after, the atmosphere tensed up again with the prize giving ceremony. Congratulations to everyone who made it!

Before ending the night, Christina Grimmie takes the stage to blow the audience away. It seems like the event was filled with a lot of emotional roller coaster and surprises every since it all began. She smashed us with a cover of Wrecking Ball, giving it a different touch of her own before the track didn’t work for her second song for Absolutely Final Goodbye. The acapella brought everyone together while we all sing our hearts out for Christina’s to add on for her melody. Who needs a track when she already sounds like an angel for the night?

She did not only blew us away with her voice, Christina also have a sentiment moments when she brought one of her classics- Liar Liar on the keys before ending it all of With Love and one of her new single, Shrug. All the surprises and roller coaster ride of emotions, equates to a spectacular night. Things may not have gone right, but they still ended with a blast.

To everyone who have missed it, don’t worry. She said she definitely would want to come back here. Pride to Team Grimmie Singapore for being the first fan base she ever had when she first started out. She’s finally here, and she will be back!

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