Maddthelin Live in Singapore for Baybeats 2015.

Malaysian post-hardcore band, Maddthelin, recently played a show in Singapore on the last day of Baybeats 2015. The Fifth Parlour could not resist the urge to interview the band, with burning questions regarding their new single, Perplexity and future plans for their music.

 photo DSC01036_zpsjgwstrzv.jpg

Consisting of 6 members, Maddthelin originated from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kareema, the female clean vocalist of the band recently joined the lineup after the recent departure of their previous vocalist, Yasmin. With that we have Adiel on drums, Asyraf on bass, Danial and Izzul on guitars. Behind the intense screams for the band would be Lenny, who co-writes most of the lyrics for the band.

The band is currently working on putting out an album late this year, and has yet to confirm the official date of release. Maddthelin released their single Perplexity in mid June this year, just in time for Baybeats 2015.

Playing the Powerhouse stage for Baybeats 2015, Maddthelin riled up the crowd opening with their new single Perplexity. Playing a total of six songs for the set, Lenny was seen to be screaming among the crowds in the middle of their 4th song, Ascension. Ascension is said to be one of the many songs for the first studio album for Maddthelin. Not only that, he crowd-surfed while screaming the lyrics before he went back up the stage to finish the song.

 photo 11137160_964269383618398_7819268165654241896_n_zpsmfufay9g.jpg

Credits: Bob Vizard

Closing the set with the popular song Forfeit, Kareema’s killer vocals trailed off as the song ends. What a way to mark the last day of Baybeats 2015! If you missed out on Maddthelin’s set for Baybeats, don’t fret because the band has plans of coming back to play in Singapore in the near future.

 photo 11709450_964268463618490_8992005854121068695_n_zpstordcob6.jpg

Credits: Bob Vizard

If you haven’t already, check the band out on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!

Watch the full interview here:

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Maddthelin and Danial for co-ordinating the interview and agreeing to meet with us at such short notice. 

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