Be ready for the Magic in Magic Mike XXL

It has been three years since Mike, played by Channing Tatum, departed from the stage to start up his own company and now, the group is once again reunited and heading off to a striper convention at Myrtle Beach. For the Kings of Tampa, this would be their final stage performance before they end their careers high on stage. But for the viewers, the party has just started to accompany the male entertainers on their road trip for the very final anticipation.

Magic Mike XXL premiered in Singapore on 9th July 2015 and has since been attaining positive box office results in theaters. Prior to that release, Magic Mike XXL held its European premiere in London. Needless to say, it attracted a crowd of thousands at Leicester Square, with the loudest cheers and most piercing screams awaiting for the arrival of the leads, Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodríguez, Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard and Director Gregory Jacobs on the shimmering white carpet.

Joe Manganiello

At the European Premiere red carpet, I was really fortunate and pleased to be able to catch the leads of the movie. I am really at a loss for words to even recall and describe how smart (and gorgeous) these guys were in their suits. Matt Bomer arrived and interacted with his fans who have gathered from different parts of the world (including me from Singapore).

Matt Bomer

Jada Smith graced the event in a chic black corset dress and matching Giuseppe Zanotti heels while Amber Heard trailed onto the red carpet with a long red gown.

Jada Pinkett Smith

All the leads had a great deal of time interacting with the crowd of fans who had been out queuing for the event since that morning. With special mentions, Channing and Matt were really friendly and deadly charming when posing for selfies with their fans. It was definitely a great opportunity for me for some selfies (and autographs) with the cast too.

Selfie with Adam Rodríguez

Selfie with Matt Bomer

Selfie with Channing Tatum

These were definitely the best memories left behind~~~

Back in Singapore, I just couldnt afford to miss this movie in theatres. Three years it has been since the first movie, Magic Mike, was released in 2012. Returning with a different hype and on a larger scale, the movie definitely got me laughing hard and stunned and blushing red on my seat by the strippers and their dazzling on-screen performance.

The story started with Mike running his own company before hearing about the news that his brothers from Tampa were coming to town. Initially reluctant to join their trip to Myrtle Beach, Mike was reinvigorated by a song he used to perform to and counted himself in for it. During the road trip, they faced conflicting views on how the final performance should be presented while Mike attempted to resolve previous issues with Ken, played by Matt Bomer, about his departure from Xquisite. No spoilers here but this road trip is definitely more exciting than it seemed so, with Richie, played by Joe Manganiello, regaining his confidence in a gas station (Hint: watch the trailer) and Mike reignited with competitiveness in Rome’s (played by Jada Pinkett Smith) strip club. Despite an accident in the road which left Tobias, played by Gabriel Iglesias, out until the final scene, the crew made it to the destination and staged the perfect show to display their charms and uniqueness individually.

Enough said, the movie definitely ended with the most memorable highlight of all, showcasing the best and the most dazzling side of the male entertainers! The actors’ performance really deserved great applause and more importantly, their earnest hope to correct or change stereotyped views on strippers. I can still recall the car scene vividly where the characters conversed about their dreams and great satisfaction to be on stage doing what they enjoyed most, to be what they want to be and enjoy the present moment~ This was probably a valuable takeaway from the movie I have gained.

Be sure to catch Magic Mike XXL in theatres now and experience the Magic! 😀

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