[EVENT REVIEW] A Rooftop Affair with Us The Duo, Gentle Bones and ShiGGa Shay

On the 4th of July, some 200 fans gathered at MyVillage Rooftop for Serangoon Garden’s first ever rooftop concert. It was a tranquil evening and before the concert started, fans were treated to a magnificent sight of the sun setting over the Serangoon Garden skies. The different hues of pink, purple came into play and the skies were dotted with puffs of white clouds — setting the mood right for the rest of the night.

Resident “limpeh” ShiGGa Shay started the night (quite ironically) with “ShiGGa Morning” and rapped as the day shifted into night. Joel Tan (Gentle Bones) then joined ShiGGa Shay on stage to perform their song “Afraid To Love“. The performance of the duo brought about some squeals from the female-dominated crowd.

ShiGGa Shay then got the crowd grooving with “LimPeh” and “Moon Talk”, ending his set with “Lion City Kia” in full-on swagger. Before he stepped off the stage, his super adorable little mini-me (a hardcore fan of ShiGGa’s) was brought onto stage to meet the rapper.

Gentle Bones took the stage next and wow-ed the crowd with his acoustic set. Along with the multi-talented Josh Wei who acted as the violinist and beat-boxer on stage, the two delivered a splendid performance.

They performed their songs “Elusive”, “Settle Down” and “Save Me”. What surprised us, and Joel even, was that most of the fans knew the lyrics to the songs and sang along. The rooftop of Serangoon Gardens was filled with the voices of fans singing along with Joel, it was a beautiful moment.

A giveaway then took place and some members of the audience managed to walk about with goodie bags. 987FM’s DeeJay Gerald Koh did a great job as emcee and interacted with the audience really well, some fans even got to stage and showed off their rapping and beatboxing skills to the amazement of everyone in the crowd.

Us The Duo then took to the stage to perform “Till The Morning Comes“. It was evident in the way they look at each other that the couple were truly in love. They also serenaded the crowd (and each other) with a rendition of Meghan Trainor and John Legend’s hit track, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”.

We also got to hear the live version of their cover of the Top Hits of 2014 that has now garnered 12.5 million views on YouTube!

The magical Saturday evening ended with Us The Duo’s singing their wedding vow, “No Matter Where You Are“. It was a magical moment basking in the love of the couple and the whole atmosphere of the event was on point — not too stuffy, not too crowded, just the right elements for a concert. For us, Serangoon Garden’s A Rooftop Affair was, as our photographer Ambry perfectly described, “one of the most intimate gigs ever”.

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