Us The Duo recalls memorable moments in life and making a difference with music!

Everything they do is just so loveable, it is impossible to not adore them. Consisting of Michael Alvarado and Carissa Rae, Us The Duo is a band founded on love. Not only did they enjoy success in love, the American folk-pop duo also excelled in their musical journey. It didn’t came easy but their time finally came when they started getting more attention after posting 6 second cover songs on Vine. Now, they have amassed over 4.7 millions followers on Vine and made history as the first from Vine to sign a record deal with major label, Republic Records. The chemistry and passion that they share for their love and music really speaks through their songs.

Last week, the duo was in town for A Rooftop Affair. In a short interview with The Fifth Parlour, they talk about the memorable moments in their life and their belief of making change with their music.

No doubt that they had a lot of doors opening to them ever since Vine helped pave the way to their current fame. When asked about the most memorable moment in their journey as musicians, both unanimously agreed that it has to be the time when they heard their song, No Matter Where You Are playing on the big screen in the movie Book of Life. Micheal shared, “We just started crying when we heard our song coming through the big speakers. Lucky we were wearing 3D glasses. I remember turning to her and telling her – This is really happening. Remember this moment so we can tell our kids”.

Social media played a big role to their success but it isn’t that all nice. Being active social media users, they are aware that with more followers, comes more haters. Carissa admitted that they deal with cyberbullying a lot and there were times when it really gets to them. “We just got to keep each other accountable. We always remind each other that our purpose isn’t to make every single person happy. It’s fine that not everyone likes us. We just need to accept that and understand that our purpose is to bring joy to the people we can bring joy to and focus on that. Focus on people that do support us and just encourage other people to lift other people up with their words. We’re lucky that we have each other”, said Carissa.

Besides actively making music, Us The Duo have also been involved in meaningful campaigns such as #iShakeitOff and Jamie’s Oliver Food Revolution campaign. Their passion to make change with their music is really evident and heartwarming. To them, music is a platform to doing good in the world. They shared that they are currently working with Save The Music on a future campaign and expressed their hopes to start their very own charity.

To do something you love with someone you love may not always be the ideal situation as it can call for conflict. When asked on the challenges they face working together as music partners, the husband-and-wife musical group shared that though conflict is inevitable, it is only momentarium. Out of conflict, comes beauty and that what makes art. To them, they feel blessed that they are able to experience life changing moments together and to do what they love with the person they love. As said by Carissa, “It is the best job ever!”.

When asked on the most memorable moment they had as lovebirds, Carissa shared that it was the time when he asked for her hand. It was such a special moment for her because everyone she love was there to witness it and to see that happening is the beginning of forever. To Micheal, it was when he first brought Carissa to meet his family. It is every boy’s dream to see the woman they love become one with his family. He recalled, “I just remember when she came to my house for the first time, it was instant chemistry. I was sitting down on the couch, watching all of these things happening and I almost wanted to cry. I see this happening on the first meeting, and I’m like this is going to be a life full of amazing memories”.

Specially for #UsTheFamily, the duo are very much excited to share that they are currently in the recording process of new songs. If everything goes well, you can expect a new single by the end of summer and a new album early next year! As the saying goes, the best things are worth waiting for. So, wait for it! (: Meanwhile, if you have yet to listen to their full cover of Better Together, this can be your laid back summer jam!

Bonus! Advice for singer-songwriters who are still trying to get their voice heard:

  • Be consistent

Go for it hardcore. Don’t just sit down and wait for people to do things for you or expect that something is going to happen. You have to be consistent every day. Grinding, putting out music online or writing a new songs or working on your piano skills. Whatever it is, every day consistency.

  • Be creative

Finding something that hasn’t been done before. A lot easier to said than to do it. But think about going against the mainstream a little bit. Like for us, no one had made a 6 second cover on Vine.

  • Don’t let the comments get to you!!

Don’t let the comments get to you, but decide who you are. We cant base our music off of just what people are telling us to do. There comes a point where you just have to make music, do what your heart is saying. We are finding that actually pretty tough right now. We’re in the studio, recording with all these producers and now we’re signed to a label. Which is much different from our last album. All it is, is opinions left and right. And it’s so loud and noisy and you just want to be like “Wait what is my heart saying? How did we even get here? Let’s take it back to our relationship and write something that is true to ourselves”. So, honestly, I think we were lost for about almost a year. This past year, trying to figure out and turn off all these opinions and just focus on what is true to us. And so, now we’re finally getting there.

Special thanks to Us The Duo and Universal Music Singapore for the amazing interview opportunity!

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