Baybeats 2015 Budding Band: I, Devotion

The Fifth Parlour met up with yet another one of Baybeats 2015’s budding bands: I,Devotion last Saturday before a show. Post Hardcore band I, Devotion has been playing for almost 2 years together, and they’ve released 2 Singles and 1 EP so far,

 photo MOSHMOSH2-4_zpslltlqfyb.jpg

Consisting of 7 members in total for the band, they described themselves as
“Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.”

So let’s break it down for better understanding of the band, they have Rory Vine on drums, followed by Farid Saed and Sean Sundaran playing guitars. They also have Zahri Ismail, playing the keyboard and Arif Jumat on bass. Being a post hardcore band, it’s safe to say they have 2 guys on vocals. With Nazri Rosli on clean vocals, and Saiful Asyraf doing the screams for the band. Or if he would prefer to say it, “I, Scream.”

It would not be much of a surprise how young the members of the band are, with the youngest being Rory,17, and Sean and Zahri being the oldest, 24. It’s such a delight to witness how our youth musicians in the local scene are rising up, from playing underground shows to the big stage for Baybeats 2015.

 photo MOSHMOSH2-5_zpsqktteu7z.jpg

I, Devotion was recently handpicked by Inokii to be the opening band for We Came As Romans Live in Singapore, back in May. Opening the show alongside Hardcore band, Decipher, I, Devotion shared with us how it was a dream come true for them because most of them looked up to the musicians in We Came As Romans.

With plans of putting out an EP in late 2015, the band recently released a new single yesterday just in time for their big stage on Baybeats 2015. Grab their single, “The Weaker Ones Have The Strongest Hearts” up on for free or simply donate to support the music!

 photo 11140224_864826000271171_3761220807808730084_n_zps8dmc1ik5.jpg

It was such a pleasure to be able to chat with the boys from I, Devotion and talk about their music and future plans.

Watch the full interview here:

Don’t forget to catch the band playing Powerhouse stage, on Friday 26th June; 8pm for Baybeats Festival 2015.

Baybeats is just 2 days away! Catch all these acts over the weekend, with bands not only from Singapore, but Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Thailand as well!

Day 1:

 photo baybeats1_zps9yx98k6j.png

Day 2:

 photo baybeats2_zpsvzisw4gl.png

Day 3:

 photo baybeats3_zpsddxdzja0.png

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank the band for agreeing to the interview and Rory Vine and Nazri Rosli for co-ordinating the interview.

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