Dru Chen: Back in Singapore and better than ever

During 2014’s Music Matters Live, we had the chance to check out Dru Chen as part of Bec Laughton’s band. Even being in a band, Dru stands out as a musician on his own.

This year, when we saw that Singapore’s very own Dru is performing his own brand of music at Music Matters Live, we simply could not pass up the opportunity to catch up with him and ask him a few questions.

Dru shared that the experience performing on his own is akin to commandeering his own ship. He knows which direction to head to and he is the one who calls the shot. He arranged his own songs, vocal harmonies and all that jazz.

His main musical influences are the likes of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Prince. When asked to describe his style of music, Dru is confident to tell us that it’s mainly soul, funk and definitely a lot of pop incorporated.

Along the way, he has been inspired by other artist such as Kimbra (from Australia), and local artist such as Charlie Lim. In fact, Charlie lend his helping hand on Dru’s latest track by playing the rhythm guitar.

When this interview was conducted, Dru’s next plan was that he is headed for New York for two weeks to explore label and music opportunities. We hope you found what you are looking for Dru!

Being based in Singapore now, we were curious to know if there are any local artist that he wanted to collaborate with. Dru shared that he have had the pleasure to work with Charlie Lim, The Sam Willows and Gareth Fernandez. All impressive musicians that we are proud to call our own. But there is one more that Dru would like to work with and that is Inch Chua. Dru believes she has her own unique style and vision on music and it would be very interesting to work with her.

Just to up the fun factor we had Dru describe himself as a Singaporean dish and he chose: Yong Tau Foo! It’s a nice mixture of everything. Also, Yong Tau Foo is healthy and it’s important to keep up your stamina when you’re a performer. Having grown up in Australia as well as Singapore, that dish represents the different cultures that he has been brought up with.

Dru’s new single I’ve Got You Babe is honestly inspired by Dru’s infatuation with someone. And he’s not shy to admit that. He woke up one day and the song just flowed out of him in 15 minutes while he was still in bed!

It is very heartening to know that our local artist is inspired and has great talents. It was such a pleasure talking to Dru and we at The Fifth Parlour wishes you all the best. Get connected with Dru via his social media sites: TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Thank you Dru for the interview and Wenona for coordinating it. 

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