Introducing Bastian Baker, Singer-Songwriter from Switzerland

At only 23 years old, this artist has performed over 300 shows and won prestigious awards in Switzerland.

Basitan Baker has his string of fangirls during his performances during Music Matters Live 2015. Who could resists such a young and talented artist?! So can’t the The Fifth Parlour!

We managed to catch this busy man for a short interview by the Singapore River before his show at McGettingan’s on Day 3 of Music Matters Live.

Bastian describes his music as pop rock. As a performer, his aim is to entertain people. He loves being on stage. As a singer songwriter, he is inspired by his environment such as observing people, his life experiences and what others shares with him. Basically, there is a lot of storytelling and emotions involved. In a nutshell, Bastian feels that he is an audience for the world.

Check out one of his hits, I’d Sing For You. Bastian shares that he believes this song was a hit because people recognize themselves in the song or they can connect to the melody. Personally, I’m in love with the lyrics.

Having performed over 300 shows worldwide, Bastian ensures that every performance is special. Yes, playing to a big crowd is memorable but to him, every single performance be it playing in a bar or to a million people is memorable. He added that it is disrespectful just to name one.

So what is next for Bastian?

If you are waiting for his next album, you are in for a treat. Basitan will be back in the studio working on new songs, materials and fans can expect it by next year. Rest assured, in the meantime, he will still be busy with festivals and shows.

Bastian feels that Music Matters Live is a great platform for musicians all over the world to connect. Having been in Singapore for a few days, he had the opportunity to go sightseeing and tasted Singapore’s food, one of which is the king of food, Durian. “Oh my God, it is the worst thing I’ve ever eaten,” said Bastian of Durian.

Since we are on the topic of food, we then asked Bastian what does he thinks of his music in relation to food. “My music is not Durian!” joked Bastian. He would rather have two appetizers instead of a dessert. As he was sharing about his love for food, his speed of talking increased. All I could catch was his music is a little mix of cheese with some nice tomatoes, prawns, Tortilla and top it off with a bit of cheese fondue. It may seems like there is a mix of everything but eventually, when it is all mixed, it will gel together just like his music.

Touring around the world to perform, Bastian does receive gifts from fans. He shared that someone bought him a real star that has his name. It was really special to him. However, what is even special to him is when fans brings him down memory lane. He loves it when he receive books or pictures where they shared with him on the first time they met and how both, Bastian and the fan, has grown through the years. So fans, if you are thinking of what to get Bastian when he performs in your country, now you know. It is always not the cost of the gifts that matters but the meaning behind it.

We hope Bastian will be back in Singapore for his solo show. We can’t wait for his new materials. If you would like to know more about Bastian, check him out on his official website, like him on his Facebook Page and follow him on his Twitter and Instagram!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Bastian for the interview and Wenona for coordinating the interview. 

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