Getting a bird’s eye view of New Zealand with Jason Kerrison

The Fifth Parlour had the privilege to interview one of New Zealand’s top recording artist, Jason Kerrison.

Jason was a front man of poplar band, Opshop, which was disbanded in 2012. Most of Opshop’s albums went platinum and their singles were a bunch of number 1 hits in New Zealand. We did try to sneak in a question for a possible reunion. Jason shares that there may be a possibility but there is no hurry for it.

Now, Jason tours as a solo artist. Recently, he released his first EP, #JKEP1. He was also busy being a judge for New Zealand Got Talent. As a judge on New Zealand Got Talent, Jason shares that he has a thing for any talent be it painting, poetry or simply someone sweeping the floor. Just showcase your talent and he will sit down and watch you.


For his debut EP, he shares that the dynamic behind a band is definitely missing. As a soloist, he contemplates longer if he wants to bring his music to a record company. And he did present it but as we all know, he is well known for Opshop, hence record companies want more of what he can do like he did in Opshop. A process of recording album can take as long as 3 years while and EP takes only a year. So because of that, he plans to make more EP in the future on a short span of time and make it fresher for his fans. He wants people to know him for his unique self and his amazing craft. And not just being known as Jason from Opshop.

Check out his single from his debut EP, You Want Me as Me. As you can see, the aerial view of New Zealand is shown here and it’s beautiful. So what was the process behind it? Well, short of getting a trained pigeon with a Go Pro attached, the concept is the mastermind of a guy name George Mcnabb. And it’s all on a drone. The shots were all take in one take and the art behind it was to show the beauty of New Zealand.

So what is Jason currently busy with?

Jason is concentrating on a documentary in New Zealand that revolves around Chinese Miners in New Zealand. He will be writing a song on this and there was a reason for him being here in Music Matters. He wants to incorporate Chinese Dancers and Chinese instrument players for his song. Which is awesome to hear about this when he explains in details about the project. So if you know someone or somebody you know who can do both, contact Jason and maybe something might happen!

As a seasoned performer, we asked Jason for his advise for future recording artist. “Work hard than the other person. Also to remember that the music industry and recording industry are two different things. Don’t rely much on recording industry,” advised Jason.

Wise words from Jason! Do check out Jason first EP out now on Spotify and iTunes.

Thank you Jason for taking your time out of your busy schedule to do an interview with us on Fifth Parlor!

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