Movie Review: Make Me Shudder 3

This comedy horror is about a group of boys who are excited to go for a vacation in Phuket after their graduation. Starring the boys,Kunatip  Pinpradub (Nick), Puvadol Vechwongsah (James), Kittipat Samarntragulchai (Bew), Sirapob Manitikun (Net), Worachai Sirikongsuwan (Tape), Rittichai Tasarika (Oil), and Sompong Kunapatom (Dor). After building up a tent,they experience a tsunami where they ended up in a dark abandoned hotel . Woke up surrounded by dead bodies from the tsunami, the night adventure begin and will make you laugh with their ingenious situation comedy.

Credits: Encore Films

Compared to Make Me Shudder 2,  they came back with new hilarious scenes,interesting approach involving the monsters in the hotel which they include the western zombies in the scene. During the night while they were figuring their way out, they make new friends along which plays with the audience preconception. The scenes are usually full of suspense and ensues with laughter. What remains the same, the boys still show their brotherhood and helped one another no matter how much the zombie hilariously tried to hook up to their friend’s body.

In all, you simply need to watch Make Me Shudder 3 as the boys were terrorized by the zombie presence while finding ways to get away from the zombies and mysterious new friends they met along the way.

What will happen to the boys and where will their adventure end?

Credit: Encore Films

If you’re a fan of horror comedy,it’s a movie not to be miss!Make me Shudder 3 is out in Singapore theatres on 28th May 2015.

Language: Thai

Genre: Horror Comedy


Running Time: 99mins

GV Vivocity, GV Plaza,GV Tampines, GV Jurong Point, GV Bishan, GV Yishun:

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