Interview with The Sam Willows

The Fifth Parlour got to sit down and chat with our local talent, The Sam Willows, at the beautiful Yoga Co. last week.

They shared about their experience of recording for their upcoming album in Sweden. According to Sandra, it was an interesting process of generating new ideas, and in fact, some parts of the songs happened in studio on the spot.

As Narelle puts it, it was ‘ridiculous to just be in a multi-leveled studio where so much good, creative work is going on, but everyone is so unassuming’.

The band recalls the recording process to be very underwhelming, being in a studio with just some speakers and a laptop. Being able to discuss with the industry experts about how it works in the big industry was a really eye-opening experience for them.

Interestingly enough, and here’s a fun fact, Sweden happens to be the place where many American and K-Pop hits were written!

When asked about the evolution of their sound since the release of their self-titled EP 3 years ago, Narelle explains that they have been writing alot between then and now, and although a lot of the songs were not released, they have served as the ‘workshopping and progress’ to get to where they are now.

The band was in agreement that the tempo of their upcoming songs are faster in comparison with the EP. Personally, each of their music tastes has evolved as well, over the years, and that very much contributes to the end product of the music that is written.

Benjamin added that they had wanted to write more pop music as pop is fun to write. Currently they are condensing their ideas into bite-sized songs, and have recorded about half the album, which is due to be released sometime in August.

Live performances tend to have an impact on how their music eventually sounds like. They love having fun on stage and the huge drive and adrenaline rush they get translates to the kind of songs they end up writing, which is especially so for the new album.

Narelle also shared that there is not really a specific ‘defining moment’ for them, and that there are so many mini steps and little things that build them up slowly. She likened this process to a relationship, where there is no specific moment when suddenly everything make sense, and that everything that has happened for the band so far is what defines them.

“I think moving forward we’re just looking to make more memories together as a band, to do whatever we thought was impossible in the past that seems possible now.”


Apart from juggling “band duties”, each of them have also been busy with their personal projects. Sandra owns Yoga Co. and has been teaching yoga, while Jon recently graduated from NTU and now has his own production company. Ben, on the other hand, has been kept busy with his acting career.

So what local dish do you think best represents The Sam Willows?

After some debate, they finally came up with a very interesting combination, the least to say.

Chee Cheong Fun-Rojak-Truffle-Avocado-Gula Melaka Milo.

As Sandra breaks it down, ‘Chee Cheong Fun because we’re Chinese. Rojak because we’re a mix of cultures. Truffle because we’ve got that hit and that punch. (‘Coz we’re new age’, Narelle chips in) Avocado and Gula Melaka coz we’re smooth and sweet. Milo, just because Milo.’.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank  The Sam Willows for the interview and Sony Music Singapore for coordinating with the interview. We will definitely be supprting our local talents and wish The Sam Willows all the best for their upcoming album!

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