YouTube FanFest 2015 Press Conference

YouTube FanFest (YTFF) has come a long way, having started back in Singapore in 2013, it has now expanded to other countries including Japan, India, Manila, Thailand, Australia and most recently Canada. This year, YTFF was back in its home country Singapore, and featured a mix international line-up of vloggers such as Kurt Hugo Schneider, Tiffany Alvord, Wong Fu Productions, and the ones in the local scene such as Night Owl Cinematics (N.O.C.), MunahHirzi and Tan Jian Hao, amongst many others.

Wong Fu Productions

At the press conference held last Thursday at *Scape, the media spoke with the YouTubers and got a further insight on the lives YouTube stars and a brief history lesson on YouTube — we were even shown the first clip that was uploaded on YouTube! Here was what went down at the YouTube FanFest press conference.

On working with brands…

Timothy DeLaGhetto

Timothy DeLaGhetto, better known as Traphik, joked and shared that it is indeed a struggle as his videos are not “as family-friendly”, but in the end, its important to strike a balance between what works and what is right for your own brand.

Philip Wang (Wong Fu Productions), fondly known as Phil, added that there is a growing shift in the mentality of the clients and that they recognise that creators understand their audience better, leading to the trust they place in them.

Writers get writers block from time to time. YouTube creators get “creators block”.

As they upload their channel frequently (once a week!), Sylvia (N.O.C.) shared that there are days where they run out of content. However, she says that the Singaporean and Malaysian YouTube community are very close and they often discuss and share concepts and ideas over supper. She added that the sharing of ideas are very important.

On collaboration…

Kurt Hugo Schneider

Tiffany Alvord

Kurt revealed that collaborating with other YouTubers helps to generate a new sound, new ideas for their videos and allows them to share fanbases. Tiffany agreed that collaboration is vital as YouTubers and is one of the quickest ways to grow fanbases.


Hirzi (MunahHirzi) caused much laughter at the press conference by revealing that Dee Kosh was a pro at content sharing, as he often brings his own camera to film when he’s invited to film a MunahHirzi video.

When further probed on who they would like to collaborate with, Kurt shared that he would love to work with Justin Timberlake, while Tiffany mentioned Taylor Swift and Hirzi, Beyoncé (we guessed he’d say that).

For Wong Fu productions, one question directed to them (one that we’re all curious about) was whether there was a muse for each video they release. Phil shared that the videos were indeed drawn from personal experiences, but he clarified that they do not keep dating people to get more muses.


On dealing with negativity and haters…

Bubzbeauty, the petite beauty guru who goes by the moniker of Lindy Tsang, shared that she doesn’t deal with it as it’s impossible to please everybody. In her words, she said,“At the end of the day, you could be the sweetest, juiciest peach out there, but not everyone likes peaches, so what are you going to do about it? You can’t please everyone, so you just have to focus on doing your thing and on the people who love and care about you.” (Well said, Lindy!)

This year marks a milestone for YouTube, being the site’s 10th year anniversary. Director of Content and Operations for YouTube Asia-Pacific, Gautam Anand, shared with us that YouTube has plans to enhance the YouTube experience by keeping up with the advances in technology. This will include a new YouTube paid subscription plan, which provides ad-free video enjoyment too.

Check out the rest of our pictures from the YTFF on our Facebook page here.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Velyn Lee for the media invite to the YouTube FanFest press conference on behalf of YouTube.

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