Kowloon Express: an avenue for Pau lovers

Living in a multi racial country, we consume food not only from our own culture but also, food from other races. I’m sure you have a favourite food from other cultures and countries.

For me, my favourite food is pau or some may call dim sum; be it steamed or fried. Before this, the only Halal pau I knew was from the 7-11 stores. However, thanks to my colleagues, I discovered Kowloon Express, a takeaway shop which sells different filling of paus.

Credits: Kowloon Express

Other than paus, they do serve other popular Hong Kong street food such as Braised Chicken Feet, Siew Mai, Har Kao and the list goes on. I have been hearing reviews of how delicious salted egg is, be it in paus, crabs and prawns. Personally, I am not a fan of salted egg. However, since there is so much rave about it, I give it a go.

At the first bite, the salted egg taste is too strong for me since I’m not a fan of salted egg but as I continue to bite and trying my best to juggle the salted egg from overflowing and messing up my hand, I enjoy it. The generous filing can make one go nuts trying to ensure you don’t dirty your shirt. If you love salted egg, this pau is for you. For me, I would to have a balance of custard and salted egg just like the ones I taste at Streats Hong Kong.

My colleagues are head over heels with Kowloon Express’s Salted Egg Custard pau and we ordered their CNY special. Kowloon Express do deliver however, the paus are all frozen. Thankfully, for their CNY special, they delivers cooked ones.

If you are wondering what the black pau is, it is Charcoal Custard pau. It tasted the same as the Salted Egg Custard pau. The only difference is the colour. I’ve also tried BBQ Chicken pau and Chili Crab Pau. The Chili Crab pau is spicy. At your first bite, you can already taste the crab and the spicy; just like how you eat the Chili Crab.

Pau needs to be eaten as soon as you bought them, else it will be soggy. That is one of my problems when I bought the pau. It will be a little bit soggy when I reached home. However, come mid April, Kowloon Express is opening their dine in outlet in Clementi. Say goodbye to soggy pau and hello to hot and steaming pau. I’m really excited for the dine in outlet and hopefully, will be the first few in the queue during their opening!

Kowloon Express

133 New Bridge Road,

Chinatown Point,


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