Anisong World Tour Lantis Festival

Anisong World Tour Lantis Festival is no doubt one of the best festival anisong fans can ever dream of! With 4 hours worth of your favourite anisongs played live and collaborations between established voice actors/actresses and singers – that is something you wouldn’t get anywhere else!

Credits: Amuse Entertainment Singapore

The opening act of the festival was DreamRiser from the anime Girls und Panzer sang by Choucho who came out with her cute flowery dress. Her voice and the upbeat song definitely set the mood for the night, causing everyone to stand up and start moving along as they waved their penlights to the beat. What got the crowd really excited was her cover of Snow Halation. She also sang 優しさの理由 – Yasashisa no Riyuu” and Starlog.

Credits: Amuse Entertainment Singapore


Azusa Tadokoro took the stage next with much energy and vibrance as she sang Hello My Revolution. She then graced us with her cover of Lost My Music and her first single, Dream Line. The fans who came that night were very lucky indeed as that was her first ever live performance of the song. One of the most endearing moments of the night was her greeting the audience in English. She was adorable in delivering her speech in English despite only having started studying it recently.

Credits: Amuse Entertainment Singapore


Up next was Kensho Ono who performed TOUCH and Needless to Say.  For a renowned actor who has dubbed over the voice of Harry Potter in the Japanese version of the Harry Potter films, his continuous interaction with the fans proved that he is a down-to-earth man.He even asked the audience in English, “Do you know Kuroko Basuke?” Do you know Tetsuya Kuroko?” He sang Future Line and of course, Fantastic Tune, the hit song from Kuroko no Basuke with the huge smile of his never leaving his face.

Following that was a very charismatic yet just as friendly, Kenichi Suzumura. He sang 5 songs including Shiroi Karasu, the ending song for the anime Code:Breaker, which got the crowd hyped up. During the mc he said in Japanese, “My weak point is English……I shall speak in Japanese!” and made the crowd burst into laughter. He then made the fans to sing along to SHIPS. Not stopping his interaction with the fans, he also made them clap along to Aiue Ongaku, which was his closing song for the night.

Credits: Amuse Entertainment Singapore


Next was Megumi Ogata who definitely lived up to her name! There was no denying her powerful vocals and stage presence which was apparent the minute she started singing 残酷な天使のテーゼ – Cruel’s Angel’s Thesis. She then invited Azusa on stage with her to sing the famous Moonlight Densetsu, opening theme song for Sailormoon. Not only did the two of them seem comfortable with one another, their collaboration was superb. It was such a spectacular performance, and I was extremely happy to be able to hear it live. Her last two songs were from Danganropa Games, 再生-Rebuild & 出航- Departure.

There was a 15-minute intermission, with video interviews from JAM PROJECT being played for those who were in the hall.

After the intermission, it was OLDCODEX‘s turn. They immediately got the audience to headbang to their songs. The energy in the crowd was invigorating to say the least. They sang their popular songs Seek Your Turn and Fool K and from anime Kuroko no Basket 2, WALK. J-ROCK has never failed to impress me and OLDCODEX definitely strengthened that fact. They knew how to work a crowd. Ending their stage, they performed the opening theme songs for the animes that has been gaining attention lately, namely FREE – Iwatobi Swim Club‘s Rage On and Free! Eternal Summer‘s Dried Up Youthful Fame. Without a doubt, the screams heard for the boys was one of the loudest of the night.

The energetic pace set by OLDCODEX earlier continued with Minori Chihara. Also known for voicing the character Nagato Yuki from the anime Haruhi Suzumiya, her impressive vocals got everyone hooked. Minori had a special collaboration with JAM Project‘s Okui Masami, and they sang “Rinbu Revolution” which awed the audience. She also sang 境界の彼方 雪、無音、窓辺にて, Nagato Yuki‘s song and Paradise Lost, the opening theme song for Ga-Rei: Zero. During her speech, she mentioned how much she loves Chicken Rice and how she wants to return to Singapore.

Credits: Amuse Entertainment Singapore


The closing act of the night was by JAM PROJECT who rocked the hall. Even though they are the more senior group compared to the rest, they made sure that they did not lose to the younger ones. In fact, they were full of vigor – playing with the other members, jumping on stage and running to the front of the stage to interact with the fans! They started out with GONG, Vanguard and Savior in the Dark, which was followed by each of their member’s solo performances. One of their last few songs VICTORY was definitely one of the more memorable ones because of the repetition of the line, “I can fly! You can fly! We can fly! Motto motto!” and everyone in the audience was singing along to that line.

Credits: Amuse Entertainment Singapore


As how concerts go, fans will not stop shouting Encore until they get one. In the end, everyone came out to give an ending speech, and each expressed their gratitude for the support of the fans, how they did not want to return to Japan and for fans to continue supporting anisong singers. They then bade farewell as they sang the Lantis Festival theme song, Starting Style!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Amuse Entertainment Singapore for the invitation to  ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival 2015!

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