Interview: Jessie J is Ever Evolving

On 7th of March 2015, at the Sands Lounge, while eagerly waiting, two intimidating security personnel stepped into the room before we eventually get a glimpse of Jessie J’s tall and slender figure walking in with her monochrome toga paired with gladiator platform sandals. Chic is definitely one word to describe the songstress. She was here for the Sing Jazz 2015 music festival.

Jessie J was greeted by the 10sq kids, Marina Bay Sands’ dedicated charity organisation. About 16 of them age ranging from 12-17 singing her latest hit song, Masterpiece, acapella style.

Credits: Marina Bay Sands

She was so impressed and taken by their earnest performance that she invited them to make an appearance alongside her during her main stage concert that very night. Lucky kids!

Credits: Marina Bay Sands

Afterwards we were given a chance to interview her in a group setting. Jessie shared with us about her pleasant flight from Sydney to Singapore. She even had time to herself to be able to colour-code her diary for 2015. If an international singer who flies around the world is able to get her life organised, we definitely have no excuse.

Fresh off her stint being one of the judges with The Voice Australia, of course Jessie was teased and asked if she was able to imitate an Aussie accent. Let’s just say she’s a true blue English lady.

Credits: Sing Jazz 2015

When asked what inspired her to write Masterpiece at this point in her career, she reminded us that as humans, we never stop making mistakes. So this song can relate to people from young to old, men and women, regardless of their background and beliefs. For Jessie, people are always evolving and changing and finding out things along the way; being ok with things when things do not go your way.

As she progress forward in her career, Jessie came to realise that her personality is just as big as her voice and it may all be too much for people to take in at the same time, especially with her bold and loud dressing, in her own words; “I look like a giant children’s toy.” Looking back at her wardrobe choices, it may not be something that she is proud of now, but she is aware of the fact that at one point of time she liked those choices.

What truly matters now is her talent. And of course now she is fully in-charge of what she wears. She shared with us that she tend to shop at the same few places such as Celine, Zara, and Givenchy.

Jessie J is proud of the fact that not once did she ever lip-sync during her live performances, and no auto-tuning is allowed when she is in the studios.

Artiste who stays true to the art of singing is hard to come by these days with all the advanced technology. We are so grateful that Jessie J is one of those who does. Whatever the future may hold in the coming years, we wish Jessie J all the best and we, at The Fifth Parlour, will always look forward to enjoy her talent.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Tessa and her team for providing us the tickets for Sing Jazz Festival. 

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