Vintage Delicafe

What is so VINTAGE about this cafe which is located on the streets of a famous tourist attractions at 66 Bussorah Street?

Don’t be fooled by the plain and ordinary set up with typical oldish wooden dining table because the food is exceptional. They served mainly western food that has a taste mixture of homemade Malay cuisine especially on their Pasta selection.

Here’s what I ordered during my trip there.

For a start, opt for a jug of your preferred drink. It is more worth it buying a jar when eating in a group.

Check out the large serving of Fish and Chips with fresh salad, fries and tartar sauce ($15.90). Cruncy and crispy on the outside, the fried fish fillet is soft yet tender at the same time.

For the Pasta, you are able to choose the level of spiciness and the type of pastas. Classic Bolognese ($15.90) is one of the hot favourites. The generous amount of meats being thrown in their pastas is equally fair with the quality of taste.

Let me share with you my favourite dish. If you like the Malay style of black ink squid, you gonna love it. They served the genuine taste of that; NERO DE SEPIA ($19.90). Spaghetti with calamari; flavourful with a truckloads of spicyness (level 2). Make sure you wash up the unwanted stains on your lips and teeth after consuming this black spaghetti.

With huge servings on the plate, Sharing is Caring fits well while dining here. Worth the price and value for money. On the downside, you got to kill the waiting time for your food to be delivered on your dining table. Perhaps a chit chat session amongst yourself or self accompany of your mobile gadgets.


Vintage Delicafe

66 Bussorah St,

Singapore 199479

6297 9591

$7.00 – $33.90


Definitely a comeback for the food!

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