[DRAMA PREMIERE] Hyun Bin Returns To TV With A Double Role In Hyde Jekyll, Me

Hyun Bin, the most desired leading man in South Korea today, takes on his first ever double role as he will soon be appearing on ONE with his new drama.

In Hyde Jekyll, Me, the 32-year-old actor plays Goo Seo Jin who is the director of a magical theme park that everyone dreamed for. Goo is a egoistic person and has a weak heart. Here’s the twist, he also suffers from multiple personality disorder.  

One day, Goo meets the beautiful and assertive Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min, Rooftop Prince), who is the manager of his theme park’s circus troupe.  She falls in love not with the arguably charismatic director, but instead, his alter ego Robin who is a complete different from him, was borne out of a traumatic childhood experienceWith its captivating premise and story line, Hyde, Jekyll, Me is a tribute to director Jo Young Kwang’s love for drama, but also a heart-warming story of love and accord with the past.

The 20-episode Hyde, Jekyll, Me is based on Lee Choong Ho’s web comic Dr. Jekyll is Mr. Hyde and it also stars popular actors and models such as Sung Joon, and the current sensation Kpop Girl Group Hyeri from Girl’s Day. 

Will the volatile Goo Seo Jin and his alter ego arch nemesis Robin who is constantly charming ever become one?  And most importantly, who will earn the heart of Jang Ha Na’s?

Follow the story as it rises across Southeast Asia to present Hyde, Jekyll, Me on 25 February, 8.55pm/7.55pm(JKT), first and exclusively on ONE. Hyde Jekyll, Me premieres 25 February exclusively on ONE every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.55pm (SG/MY) and 7.55pm (JKT).

Hyde Jekyll, Me

Every Wed & Thur


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