Avenged Sevenfold Live in Singapore 2015

Sunday 25 of January was one of the most awesome weekends ever for concertgoers. We were treated to two awesome bands gracing our shores. One was Chiodos and the other was none other than Avenged Sevenfold. And I was lucky enough to be able to attend both!

Credits: Alvin Ho

Doors opened at 630pm and it was flooded with fans of all ages donning black tees emblazoned with “Avenged Sevenfold”. I had the privilege to see them live in 2008 at Max Pavilion Singapore Expo and I can tell you the fans are insane. And boy, I was not disappointed. By the time I arrive around 7pm, the venue (Hard Rock Coliseum) the place is already packing 80% with the fans. All I can say they were all agitated to see their favorite band.

Credits: Alvin Ho

Then exactly at 745pm, the lights dimmed. The intro to “Shepard of Fire” was played. Everyone started to push forward to get a glimpse of their favorite band. Hands down; this was THE most awesome show I’ve been so far. The fans screamed and sang their hearts out. And they didn’t even care if the people staying at the hotel near by heard it or not.

Credits: Alvin Ho

Avenged Sevenfold played a 2 hour shows consisting of at least 17 songs like Bat Country, Seize The Day, Nightmare, Hail To The King and Afterlife. And they gave us not one, but 2 encores.

The highlight of the night was definitely watching them performing my all-time favourite, “Chapter Four”. Man oh man the crowd went absolutely nuts.

Credits: Alvin Ho

To those who missed the show, fret not. They may be ending their album tour cycle in Hawaii and will not be touring till their next album, but they promise to be back “Soon”. Honestly what a way to end a great Sunday for us all.

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