Night at The Museum: Secret of the Tomb (spoiler alert)


The biggest adventure to end twenty fourteen with a bang. Night at the Museum 3 have got to be one of the best movies I ever seen this year. It’s one of those Hollywood movies that at least is not adapted from a “best selling novel” or comic book. Just like Toy Story 3, everyone will have to grow up- eventually.

The story expands from New York City Museum to the one and only grand museum in the world- the British Museum. A story isn’t a story without a conflict and a well thought conclusion. The problem is back where it came from- the tablet of Pharaoh Akhmenrah. I feel that, that’s a very subtle way to tell the audience that this is it. For those who have seen the first one, we all know that its the Golden tablet that brings all the exhibits to live at night. What if the tablet is corroding away? Of course, that will be the most obvious reason audience could see as the end. But that’s where the adventure begins.

Larry the Night Guard, Theodore Roosevelt, Attilia the Hun, Sacawadgea, Dexter the Capuchin Monkey, La the Neanderthal, Jedediah the Cowboy and Octavius Roman Soldier, and Akhmenrah set their adventures to the British Museum which has been built for at least two hundred years, with approximately eight millions of artefacts from all over the world. With that being said, the British Museum is definitely a perfect place to find Akhmenrah’s parents to find the solution. After getting through the night guard of the British Museum, Tilly, they came across the Triceratops skeleton chasing after them and separating Jedediah and Octavius. That’s also when the rest are saved by Sir Lancelot, King Arthur’s greatest champion around the Knight’s table and the end of the Arthurian empire.

Of course, being brought to life for the first time because of the presence of the Golden Tablet, none of the exhibits knew they are just exhibits. Although the portrait statue at Pompeii tried to warn Jedediah and Octavious about the volcano lava, in the end they are rescued by Dexter. Meanwhile the rest of the gang were attacked by nine-headed Xiangliu statue, a serpent with many heads and the gang having the symptoms of the Golden Tablet getting weak. Thank goodness Larry knocked out the serpent with the defibrillator he found hanging nearby and finally met Akhmenrah’s parents- Merenkahre and Shepseheret.

As a fan of Egyptian History, this part of the film really excites me. After Merenkahre revealed the truth of the tablet, Lancelot steals it, thinking he is finally completing his quest for King Arthur. Little did he know, he’s in the 21st century and discover that King Arthur no longer exist when he came across a King Arthur’s play, played by Hugh Jackman. Larry and the gang chased him up till the roof where he tried to convince Lancelot to adjust the tablet under the moonlight so that the power can be restored. The suspense build up when the gang froze back as an exhibit and Lancelot finally understand why the quest was important and adjust the tablet.

But that’s not the end of the story. Lancelot returned the tablet to Akhmenrah’s family and that’s when everything slows down for the ending where the gang feels like its best that Akhmenrah and his Golden Tablet stays with his family. After all, the truth behind the Golden Tablet legend is so that the family will be together even in the afterlife. Despite Larry finding it hard to accept, and his friends will no longer come to live at night when they come back to New York, it is a right thing to do. Theodore Roosevelt being as one of those political figure who has helped changed the world and needs for the 21st century, he comforts and get Larry back to his senses.

I can’t imagine anyone else playing Theodore Roosevelt besides Robin Williams. He was one of those people who brings happiness to people. His lost was devastating and unbelievable. What makes Night At the Museum 3 special and ends with a bang in the story is the conversation Theodore Roosevelt and Larry had with everyone in the British Museum. “It’s time to let go,” he said. “But I’m not ready!” said Larry.

The tears start to fall with one phrase.

Eventually you’ll have to learn.

With that, being as a full-stop to Larry’s adventure, everyone head back to New York where they will be turned back as an exhibit. There, Theodore Roosevelt and his friends hope that their stories will inspire children of the new generation and change the world for the better. The story ends there, but the magic never ends.

Back in the British Museum, Akhmenrah and his Golden Tablet stays with his family and Tilly is in charge of taking care of the exhibits that come to life at night there.

the end.

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