‘Arcadia’ lead single from Fairchild’s EP, ‘Sadako’

Credits: Fairchild

Over the past eighteen months, Fairchild have been touring through Hong Kong, China and North America, as well as playing Singapore’s Music Matters and Canadian Music Week, refining their live shows. The band includes Adam Lyons on vocals, Adam’s older brother Nathan Lyons on keys, guitarists Patrick Huerto and Tim Voeten, Tommy Davies on bass, and drummer James Alexander.

With the release of their ‘Sadako’ EP, Fairchild have unveiled the video for ‘Arcadia’.To create the fun, energetic visual, every frame from the clip was printed onto A4 paper, hand painted and photographed back into the timeline for a stop-motion effect. It totalled around 4200 frames. The video was directed by Turk Lees and produced by the band’s bassist, Tommy Davies.

The Queensland outfit’s ‘Sadako’ EP is out on 21st November (UK/Europe 17th November) via Canvas Sounds and on 18th November in North America via OK! Good Records. The six-track EP was recorded in vocalist Adam Lyons’s bedroom before being mixed by Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice) in London. It follows the band’s debut EP, ‘Burning Feet’.



Credits: Fairchild

Over the past year, The Fifth Parlour have had the honour to interview, hang out, pick the brains of Fairchild whenever they are in Singapore. It is with happy hearts that we share the new EP launch of this brilliant band.

At the risk of sounding biased, I have always personally enjoyed their live performances of ‘Arcadia’. For any and all fans of indie rock music, give this a try. You may just find yourself bopping along and getting hooked!

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